(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Thanks for the update, Taran.
Any new info about Apocalypse kingdom? Looks like there are many new troops from that kingdom with no text info on spoiler yet.

And… we got 2 new Raid Boss?!! :open_mouth:
I hope if they are both become craftable for player to use, it’s not so hard to do like Zuul’Goth.


These Boss seem to belong to Apocalypse because of the K34. The _Boss is for the Boss that you have to kick in the Quests for the other kingdom.
A Raid Boss will not have a KNumber like the Gnome who has Vault.

Looking forward for more spoilers about Apocalypse kingdom and the new class icons :stuck_out_tongue: .


Okay, thanks for clearing thing up, turintuor. I get so excited that I forget to look at number. :rofl:

Also, troops from hidden kingdom (Apocalypse, Guardian, Primal - except The Vault) are getting new card background now. Apocalypse Mythic look so epic with that new color.

Primal and Guardian got complety new background. Primal’s background looks like ancient world, and Guardian one looks like a temple with statues, similiar to Celestial Armor background. Could anyone pull the high-definition version of them? I would love to look at all the detail! :grin:


There are 7 new Mythic weapons and one of them is surely for the Khaziel kingdom class.


  1. Wild Plains
  2. A blue Kingdom… Leonis Empire?
  3. Glacial Peaks
  4. Khaziel
  5. Dhrak-Zum
  6. Bright Forest
  7. Pridelands


Guessing last kingdoms power level:

lvls 21 to 25 Orange stars (legendary):

lvl 21: 4.25 more tribute
lvl 22: 4.25 more tribute chance
lvl 23: 4.5 more tribute
lvl 24: 4.5 more tribute chance
lvl 25: 2000 more gold

lvl 26 to 30 pearlscent stars (mythic):

lvl 26: 4.75 more tribute
lvl 27: 4.75 more tribute chance
lvl 28: 5 more tribute
lvl 29: 5 more tribute chance
lvl 30: +4 bonus stat


I’m pretty scared of what you’ll have to do to even reach level 30 stars. :fearful: I’m guessing blood sacrifice.


Couple small spoiler changes today…


Does the spoiler data contain the weapon’s Kingdom? Because that’s just become very important information for lower rarity weapons.


no new kingdom and the last troop out remaining is Aug 03, 2018
i think next update coming 4 or 5 weeks for now.


I’ve added Kingdom to below the weapon name (see below). Do you think it should be in it’s own column like we have on the troops page or is this good?


We can filter the weapon column by typing in the kingdom name, so I think that is good!


That’s perfect, Taran! Thank you for adding it. Why so many Broken Spire weapon though? Just placeholder in the file?

Also, weapon kingdom also mean more clues to which class are coming next: it’s Prideland/Darkstone/Glacial Peak/Khaziel/Zeajin/Wild Plain/Leonis Empire. Pretty close to turintuor’s prediction! That’s also mean 9-star will become available to those kingdom soon!!

And 2 new Apocalypse weapons. Another clues that’s pointing to Apocalypse being the next kingdom! Hype!!


Did we know what class is in the class event in 14 days? Not sure if the green thing is a class or just the icon for class event.


is there any information about K34?


This is what I can find on K34



For me it looks like Apocalypse kingdom because there is troop with number starting 05 so IMO there should be already 4 existing already ingame and going with 4 troop with deamon like theme it should be apocalypse.
Edit Taransworld was faster :slight_smile: