(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


You miss the Captain Bounty thing: one Bounty troop will have x2 bonus so 6x to 12x :slight_smile: .
It will surely be the Stormheim troop.


Yes, but I misquoted the trait. It is 2x to 6x, which would then by multiplied by a further 2x for the current bounty captain, so 4x to 12x for the first event. I’m still hoping that they only release one BH troop per event.


I guess it will be like Raid/Invasion, Shop will give:

  • X troops from a pool (Raid -> Kingdom, Invasion -> Type, Bounty -> Bounty troops)
  • X copies of the Bountyhunter of the week


Hey all, we just got an update with 139 spoiler changes. A new kingdom and 37 new troops (very little details besides name and kingdoms). The new kingdom (K35 / Id:3035) named “Dhrak-Zum”. :slight_smile:


Yeah, getting some drug. Thanks :wink: .

EDIT: Dark Dwarf is a nice concept, that reminds me Confrontation.
EDIT2: It seems that the next Mythics will be Pridelands, Bright Forest (?) and Zhul’Kari.
EDIT3: you miss the 2 new Gnomes :wink:


All thanks to @Sirrian and @Nimhain for continuing to make spoilers available, and @Taransworld for making them so readily accessible. :smiley:


So, do we think this is the new kingdoms Dhrak-Zum’s flag?



i think its new kingdom’s Banner. i’ve founded its description in game file.


Sounds good to me, thanks very much for finding that. :slight_smile:


Is that new banner red or brown?


Apparently, Brown.


2 new ghulvania troops being released, wonder if this will put it to 10 star.

4 bounty troops being released on the same day, after that pharos hound is released by itself. They’ll prob release multiple bounty troops first time and go to 1 per event as standard.

April’s mythic is undine for merlantis.

A new Naga is being release, the Naga warlord… finally something extra for that poor race.

The stormhelm legendary is looking like a joke with it’s 3rd trait… 3 life and magic on 4 gem matches to all giants… poor xathenos gets 5 to undead on enemy death meaning after 5 4ofakinds the giants have got the same level of bonuses that xathenos can realistically expect in a match… and they get those bonuses earlier. Xathenos needs his traits looked at, the first 2 are surpassed by dwarf racial, while 3rd is outclassed by a legendary troops 3rd… not good for a hard to craft mythic


I think the devs Logic is that all Giants hit single target, so a Magic Boost isn’t as devastating as it is for undeads or dragons.


This may be a very insightful and accurate summary


…True I suppose although for aoe damage it’s 4v2 in undead favour… that and the undead deal true damage and get mythic aoe troops…


With the trolls being giant race it’s easy to get 4 of a kind and you can use dawnbringer with titan class to get another powerful aoe…

On the bright side xathenos will steal more magic from them :):grin:


But the Hero can be a Giant



Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering? evil grin
Spell details: explode X gems, deal X damage to all enemies, gain an extra turn. image

EDIT: No, you need 20 troops for 10 stars. Ghulvania currently has 17 troops.

EDIT2: As always, do we add new upcoming Jan 01 2031 troops to GoW Event spreadsheet? That would be convenient.


This maybe the case, if so, the devs forget Titan hero with Dawnbringer. :wink:

Edit: Ah I see someone already mentioned this.

Though it will be a nice boost to Gog and Gud, massive single target damage or massive AOE. What’s not to like! :wink:


Ice goblin


If his spell is cleanse all allies and gain a extra turn.



Tbf, giving Impervious to goblin King wouldn’t be that bad. It would make him an actual King since he’s the only goblin that doesn’t get an automatic extra turn.