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If we cannot have Gnome, I don’t understand his 3rd trait as gold farming is useless for AI…


Yeah i was meaning if we can use it
Look like fun troop


Amongst the new troops for Friday I noticed Yao Guai had the new mana shield trait instead of the current one. Not sure if that’s when the new Mana shield trait goes live but it’s something to at least look out for since that’s possible.


With the Rune Priest, I see they’re back to poking the infamously litigious bear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Anyone know what mana surge color bonus Shentang will give? Bright Forest was green for example.


If I am reading the data correctly it is not defined.


I believe it’s yellow, but I’ve been known to be wrong about these things.


Hi all, by request I have created another spoiler page and this one is for weapons. It works the same as the troop spoiler however it does not have release dates being those are not available in the code (that I can find). The new spoilers page and of course all of our other utilities can be found at http://www.taransworld.com

I hope you find this and the other utilities useful. :slight_smile:


Mystery Egg
Give Life to all allies. Give 5 Armor to all Blue allies. Summon a random Stryx or Dragon.

Does it mean this weapon’s spell will kill hero then summon a stryx or dragon?


I don’t think so, is the same as any other summoner. It will fill a empty troop space.


I particularly liked ‘The Edged Blade’. That’s a good one. So much better than The Non-Edged Blade. That one just didn’t cut it…


Such a sharp wit, and a finely honed joke!


Quite disappointed that the transformer weapons (i.e. Tome) are mono-color…


You always manage to take these things to the hilt . . .


I was hoping for the mythic weapon details, not that interested otherwise most aren’t as good as a powerful mythic or good legendary imo.


The dual spawning weapons look like they cap out at 12-16 gems, which I’d have to assume (or at least hope) means that many total since 16 of each would be utterly broken, so the chance to be in a good position after casting will be about the same as Anthea or Stonehammer, which doesn’t bode well for them being usable. Some also look way more usable than others… for example, one is boosted by having beast allies (of which there are 63 in the game, Warden hero makes 64), whereas the others are restricted to a specific kingdom or type that would be difficult to make a synergistic team out of and some don’t currently have a hero class for them. Maybe more classes are coming soon, but I’ve never seen a class from a kingdom very soon after its release, and one of the kingdom specific boost ratios is from Shentang. I never really cared for dual spawners for use in teams where I intend to have a plan to win - yeah, they can pull you out of hole even on a bad board sometimes, but the winning strategy is usually not to be put in that hole in the first place, which they can also easily do no matter how favorable your board is. Might be fun to build around for a little bit and have some extra shinies to collect, though.

The tomes could potentially be very strong with their random skill buff, but I was hoping they would be more control oriented and lower mana, but I suppose it is for the best since the hero can be Fast with any weapon and these have a very strong support effect. None of them allow for any new loops, since they all share a color with an existing universal converter for the same color, so it remains to be seen if any will be better in practice than what is already available at endgame, since a consistently fast start often matters more than being able to buff up your stats to ridiculous levels. Depending on their difficulty of acquisition, these could be a huge help to players who haven’t pulled their epic color converters yet, or even as a replacement for them in some cases (alch/fire tome, giant spider/nature tome).

Oh, and mystery egg looks neat. Wonder if it will be 50/50 stryx/dragon or just a random troop between both pools, because there are a lot more Dragons than Stryx.


Couple little updates…


The Giant Queen…
Man, the Hero can be a giant (from 2 classes!)
Some weapon will just be out of control with a +3 magic every match.


So are we getting Shentang tomorrow? Sure I heard 16th Feb, but cannot remember where… or if I just dreamt it…


If you want official spoiler, their twitter account is the best (Feb 12th. devs announced that Shentang was coming soon so it should be there tomorrow).