(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Diviner is clearly not the release version, the spell is ridiculous as 7 Magic to all allies is obviously way too strong for such a cheap spell, even if you disregard her prime gem transform in addition.
Her second trait also makes no sense with the spell she has as she wouldn’t profit from Magic gain herself.
So no need to speculate about the troop yet, it is obviously not the real/final Version.


Might be funny if it is… :upside_down_face:


I’m pretty certain it will be indeed; they chose to show us two troops out of several Shentang troops today; would make little sense to show us ones not done yet and extensively talk about traits/skills not set in stone.


Might be, these days they don’t seem to concern themselves much with balance anymore so i wouldn’t bet on them not introducing such an incredibly overpowered troop.
Not long ago with Tassarion, a 3 point increase to all allies magic for a much higher manacost and a worse second effect on the spells was deemed so powerful it got the one shot treatment.
So this troop looks ridiculously op in my eyes, a universal yellow transformer that can replace Alchemist and give 7 Magic to all for just an additional 3 mana shrug


Are you seriously implying that anyone but the AI will ever get the +7 magic?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m pretty sure we will have to settle with the cleanse or the enchant…:wink:


If only there was another universal transformer you could endlessly loop this one with until even the unluckiest person gets their 7 Magic to all(multiple times even) to oneshoot enemy Teams :wink:


And this one we can loop with Valkyrie and Pharos for souls, what else will we need? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


I guess that’s why she can trade 2 of her life for 2 magic…

Sneaky! Finite loops!


Considereing the value of each point of status she would need to lose 4 life for each 1 point of magic. Not that life would be a problem if you bring some support troop.


I must have missed something… Diviner’s trait gives her +2 magic for -2 life? But her spell doesn’t read like it is boosted by her magic stat?


My guess: increase all allies maigc by X magic…


Her spell probably gives the boost in magic like 1+[Magic/2]. You can see in her spell card she has 13 of Magic which i believe is rounded down into a six and then added by one making it seven, but it could be [Magic/2] and then rounded up i guess. When she gains 2 of Magic with her trait she can increase the magic of allies by 8, then 9, 10… and so on if my guess is correct, and that’s only assuming the increasing magic from her trait. Once her spell gives everyone magic the numbers are way higher.


You are surely right.

Looking forward to see her with Lady Anariel + any AoE troop…


If this is correct… this could be broken as hell and needs tweaking… a scaling team gain to magic stat in an easily looped converter? My kids can see that’s a bad idea…


My skeleton friend can also see this is a bad idea:

She needs to trigger the extra Magic just once after a few loops and the entire team is probably enchanted too when it happens.


It’s pretty silly to build around Diviner honestly. We can use:

  • Scorpius that will slowly buff her and eventually be buffed too. If you want/can, bring as well your Bard with Dawnbringer too.
  • Speaking of the Bard+Drawnbringer, try that with Euryali and Diviner.
  • The Worldbreaker can also go bonkers being fed with those yellow gems and with some extra Magic from his own trait.
  • But for anyone without Mythics and Dawnbringer good old Terraxis does the job using those yellow gems and giving back some brown gems plus AoE damage.

I won’t say anything else, i hope those numbers, and specially that trait if it works as i think¹, are not final.

¹ : If the trait doesn’t works like that why put it on her in the first place? Makes no sense, even Nimble would be better than a trait that does nothing for her spell…


And Diviner’s trait is random… RANDOM I say. No guarantee for 7 magic :wink:


She’s blue and makes yellow? Loop with Valkyrie until buffs work out. Wipe all enemies…?


There’s always been loops. Seer/spider and alchemist /hellcat for example.
There’s always going to be more!


Loops like that are good. They need skill to pull off over a long game… I’m just wary of this possible scaling magic gain that can be meshed into a loop… that could (1) lead to the patented @kurokazna broken game combo fatigue or (2) rng driven rage when it inevitably loops with trolls and the AI always gets the mega magic buff while the player feels they don’t… so many ways this could twist into a very bad experience that scaling magic gain in a looping converter is a bad idea…