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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

Mega Troop Spoiler Update Fell Roost Troop Legendary incoming, 2031 (not 2030 :partying_face:)

Has the spoiler ever been so empty? :thinking:


Worth noting:

Fell Roost Weapon is currently listed as a Blighted Lands weapon. So that’s likely next. I’d still wait until a bit more until more spoilers get released though…

I have a list that shows Fell Roost as being linked to Blighted Lands so that seems correct.

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The new unit is kinda funny - changed name and kingdom 16 times within 4 days :partying_face:

So still waiting for a real spoiler update not later than end of April = 4.9 Update? (maybe too early for that…)

4.8.5 most likely which will be a minor update.

I’m more for 4.9.

Kinda weird to put that up for 4.9 if 4.8.5 was coming out first.


Yes, thats why i wrote 4.9, but who knows :man_shrugging:

Because half dates don’t usually have major changes. Such as adding ads to the game.
We just experienced this with 4.7.5 and 4.8
They waited until 4.8 to introduce the world events.
If they do a half date, it’ll be sometime this month. Otherwise they may just go straight to 4.9 in early June.
(Perhaps a faster major update due to C19.)

Does anyone know a site with the list of weapons that we acquired when raising the Mastery?

Type “mastery” in the “obtain by” field.


Thank you, bro. :smiley_cat:

This finally doesnt sound like 4.8.5


Can we please talk about this monstrosity? Its ability is named “Dozen Lashes” but it only hits 6 enemies. Uh… so… are we going to rename it to “Half-Dozen Lashes” or increase it to 12 random enemies?


This is just a typo issue - the spell is supposed to be called “Do Zen Lashes.” It’s about the fundamental interconnectedness of the lashes, not how many there are.

Although, now that I look closer at the artwork, I don’t see a single lash above that solitary eye. Curioser and curioser.


I’m just saddened that this means we won’t ever have a Rock Lobster since they are wasting the flavor text with this bakers dozen esque troop.

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Actually it doesn’t matter.

Remember, “Greed is Good” is on a couple of troops already.

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I’m not sure what you mean

New units up to june 22 were added.

Edit: June myth and underworld still missing.


Zilopochtli is still a 24 mana blue/green/purple troop with a 2:1 boost ratio that still has a 3rd trait based on yellow gems, something completely unrelated to it.

Trait #3: Dawn Slayer
Deal 12 damage to a random Enemy when matching Yellow Gems.

and now the damage is no longer focused, but applied to a random enemy.


Wouldn’t I just use Taloca then? Taloca at least does triple damage when there’s a storm for 8 mana less.

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It’s still weird. :man_facepalming:
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