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I have voiced my opinion about the Megavore trait in this thread a bit further up. To spare you the scrolling, with just an 8% chance i think most games it won’t do much, whenever it does for the AI though it’ll be infuriating for sure, i find it dumb and rather not have something like it in the game.
However i would rather have the 8% chance for instantkill on x-match trait than a 100% silence on x-match trait if i had to choose between the two, call it personal preference.
The game would be better off without either.


If the devs are going “Kaiju” with this stuff why not make a decent Mythic Monster to work out with the other monsters out there? We could even have Legendary/Mythic Monster Slayer Mech, and maybe some Monsters Slayer soldiers/hunters in other kingdoms…

Oh right… that would require reworks and buff for the other monsters and maybe actual creative meetings to make the Mythic in the first place. :roll_eyes:


True, and I do understand the argument in that favor given how potent silence is. While the best silence counter is mythic, silence to me still has more responses than megavore’s traits atm. If he lost stun protection or we got a trait that stops destruction or lethal damage, then that would be better than the potentially bad situation we may find ourselves in.

The other point I was attempting to make is, the devs may very well add silence on X match as we voiced the problem with deathmark, then it got drastically changed and a large portion of the troops gained immunity to it. Based on precedent this may happen with silence as now we may be getting a troop that essentially is a pre nerf deathmark that warded or impervious can’t save you from. I do remember the earlier points above, but I’d argue the precedent this troop could set especially at this current game state could be disastrous. Hopefully the devs reconsider and put this new trait back on the never to be considered shelf.

Since I’d rather base my team on strategy over luck, even if a troop silenced the entire opponent’s team, I could plan around it. This new trait may or may not proc too often as luck is a cruel mistress in this game. The important thing is no strategy or tactic can stop it outside of X turn 1 win team, which it could stop anything if you get a good starting board.

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I use the sorcerer class, which is why I said this is a rip off of one of its traits.

I also have a beast team with Sunsail but the disease is not built around, but does slow mana gathering.

Mythic trait should at least target the first troop so you can build around 2x skull damage troops, hence my reference to Venbarak above.

Edit: Disease, and poison for that matter, rework is so long overdue. I would like to see a change to disease for it to be able to either:

  • permanent until cleansed like poison


  • Chance to infect another troop equal to its chance of self cleansing. So longer it hangs around more likely it is to infect someone else.


  • Both

Does anyone have the image of Pet Dragonkitty? :heart_eyes:
Anxiety is killing me.


I’m guessing we will have the pictures on the pet page at taransworld.com when 4.0 comes out. They normally include lots of new graphics whenever a release comes out.

I’ll wait. Do you have any idea what day we’ll get Update 4.0? Was it Friday?

No salty said this week but before friday

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Thank you. So I will not sleep for the next few hours and try not to die of anxiety.

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Join the Pizza strike…



I’m doubting we are going to get the free epic from Underworld due to how short the quests are but if we do get the faction troop then that’s great but if not, oh well.

I think we can only get the faction troops with the delve chests

Probably get another copy of Gluttony for every faction.

You can get Faction troops in 4 ways: Delve Chests, Portals, Faction Events, and (I’m sure) the Faction Event Shop.

Faction troops only come from Portals.

Players run delves (either normally or via Faction events) to earn Chaos Shards used to summon Faction troops. Faction Event shops allow players to directly buy additional Chaos Shards from the event Shop.


Thanks for clarification i knew we only had one way to get them but wasn’t sure if it was portal or delve chest

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@Alpheon said tonight… no take backs lol. or was it Soon™