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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

Boost is 1:1.

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I agree that Delve would be the new mode, likely a weekend one like Bounty, but with Delve troop. Maybe it’s about digging to find the Underworld, discovering those 6 artifacts (Coin Purse/Gold Ring/Priest’s Chalice/King’s Crown/Genie’s Lamb/Sacred Treasure) from Vault along the way. They’re also just each of 6 single colors, ranging from Common to Mythic, so it might be spacial unobtainable cards like Towers.

Now, for the interesting troops

  • Legandary Urskula - 50% mana to all the bears would make an interesting team!
  • The Posessed King - the Darkstone’s Mythic that explode on 4,5 gem match, and a spell that could mass-transfrom enemies into Deamon. What an unholy thing for Divine.
  • Ethereal Sentry - Increase an ally’s Attack by their Armor, so Mang-worthy!
  • Gargoyle - Splash damage to an enemy, boosted by all allies’ Attack. Deadly with Earth’s Fury.

And… There is actually Drool’Goth coming later. lol


Oh man, Queen Ysabelle has started drooling.

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One word, toxoplasmosis. Research that and be terrified. Almost have the population tests positive!

Best news of the update! :grin:

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Spoiler courtesy of Macawi

Name: Sunspear #14016
Code: Hunter
Kingdom: Pridelands #3005
Augment: Raksha
Talent Trees: Forest, Water, Death
Traits: Fire Brand, Fireproof, Heatwave
Weapon: FlameSoul #1215
Bonus Color: Red
Bonus Weapon: Green
Release Date: 8/31/2018

Name: Frostmage #14018
Code: Frostmage
Kingdom: Glacial Peaks #3011
Augment: Elemental
Talent Trees: Water, Arcane, Storms
Traits: Water Heart, Arcane Surge, Frostbite
Weapon: Orb Of Winter #1218
Bonus Color: Purple
Bonus Weapon: Blue
Release Date: 9/28/2018

Name: Thief #14017
Code: Thief
Kingdom: Zaejin #3004
Augment: Goblin
Talent Trees: Cunning, Shadow, Wind
Traits: Greedy, Fast, Sneak Attack
Weapon: Skeleton Key #1214
Bonus Color: Purple
Bonus Weapon: Brown
Release Date: 11/2/2018

Name: Warpriest #14019
Code: Warpriest
Kingdom: Leonis Empire #3025
Augment: Not Available
Talent Trees: War, Light, Morale
Traits: Not Available
Weapon: War Symbol #1219
Bonus Color: Yellow
Bonus Weapon: Red
Release Date: Not Available

Name: Shaman #14020
Code: Shaman
Kingdom: Wild Plains #3027
Augment: Tauros
Talent Trees: Forest, Water, Light
Traits: Not Available
Weapon: Spirits Staff #1217
Bonus Color: Brown
Bonus Weapon: Green
Release Date: Not Available

Class graphics here:



They are all being added to 8 and 9 star kingdoms. Without looking at the files, we can expect these five kingdoms to be the next ones after since they (will) have 16 troops and no class yet.

Blighted Lands
Drifting Sands

That is an interesting idea and I would love to see that if that’s the case then awesome. However those artifacts seem to be from the Vault kingdom, so maybe the Vault will be an actual kingdom with there being only 6 and every kingdom when it’s first released has had 6 troops

Actually every kingdom since I started playing over 2 years ago has begun with 8 or 9 troops… so there goes that theory.


ok true there

“Delve” sounds to me like a game mode to get ingots. Wasn’t there a tease of something like that at some point?


Skeleton Key: Deal X damage to the first and last enemies, boosted by my Gold. If an enemy dies, gain an Extra Turn.
Flame Soul: Choose a Mana Gem. Deal X damage to each enemy of that color and Burn them. Give all allies of the matching color 4 Attack.
Orb of Winter: Deal X damage to all enemies. Deal 5 bonus damage for every Frozen enemy.

Frostbite: 25% chance to Freeze a random enemy when an ally casts a spell.
Sneak Attack: Deal 7 damage to the last enemy on 4 or 5 matches.
Heatwave: Create a Firestorm at the start of every turn.

The choice of the trees for the Hunter class is super strange:

  • doesn’t have the Cunning tree which have the Hunter’s talent…
  • all his traits are fire-based and no fire tree… but all the opposite: Water and Forest…

Perma Red storm? finally :o

Events for Aug/Sept now available.

I’m going to call it what it is: Complete and utter garbage. Wtf is going on in the devs’ heads if we’re going to have to whine and beg and plead for the tree most suited to the class like we did with Mechanist and Titan?

Who on earth wakes up in the morning and goes “oh you know what would be good today, mixing up the talent trees and intentionally screwing over all but the most important classes like Priest and Bard”? Who the hell does this, and more importantly, do they even play their own game?


Apparently, there is a rule for this kind of choice: the class should have the tree with the good weapon buff talent.
Hunter will get a Polearm so he will need the Water tree. So maybe devs didn’t want to give both Fire and Water trees…

For Forest and Death there is no reason to give Hunter class these trees.

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Apparently they do and they consider the next Mythic too strong, so it gets a Mythic trait with 50% chance to summon an Epic Troop.

Even a 100% chance summon would be a disappointing trait for a Mythic… If people are actually being paid for this job i want to volunteer some hours of my day to develop, and submit some alternatives to be considered. And the best of all:


respect to them for making Drool’Goth :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t wait. should be changed from Cosmetic to some kind of buff for only Zuul’Goth. Zuul needs it.


hey i invented the name drool goth
. i should get stock in the company lol


I think I’ve read about this. It’s the magic buff for the class weapon?

Then just make specialised trees with the one relevant weapon talent. Why the hell are we still seeing a hot mess of talent musical chairs when the simplest solution would be to make them “share” talent trees which differ in the weapon magic buff slot but are otherwise similar… certainly not this dumpster fire of a take where the Titan class also shares Runepriest’s Dwarven tree and can stun on receiving skull damage (this, btw, really needs to go).

Make it 200% (two Tomb Spiders) and it’d still be garbage, nevermind how it’s almost impossible to put together a Zhul’Kari team with decent control synergy thanks to AW having the same colours as The Widow Queen.

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