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Class spoilers?

I saw troops & weapons spoilers but

Where’s class ones?
Can anyone provide info?

Thnks in advance

i don’t think it’s in the spoiler but our experts data miners have derived it.
look here:

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Mythic Glacial Peaks Fey
Class Weapon: Orb of Winter (14 Blue)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage to all enemies. Deal 5 bonus damage for every Frozen enemy. [5x]
Traits: Water Heart, Arcane, Frostbite (25% chance to Freeze a random enemy when an ally casts a spell)
Magic Bonus: Using blue weapons
Talent Trees: Water, Arcane, Storms
Traitstone: Arcane Spirit Traitstone (Glacial Peaks, Khetar)


Mythic Zaejin Goblin
Class Weapon: Skeleton Key (14 Brown)
Deal [Magic + 3] damage to the first and last enemies, boosted by my Gold. If an enemy dies, gain an Extra Turn. [2:1]
Traits: Greedy, Fast, Sneak Attack (Deal 7 damage to the last enemy on 4 or 5 matches)
Magic Bonus: Using brown weapons
Talent Trees: Cunning, Shadow, Wind
Traitstone: Arcane Skull Traitstone (Darkstone, Dhrak-Zum)


Viper looks at Thiefs last trait and cries…


On the other hand Frost Mage got an horrible trait…

I fear the day we have spoilers of Wild Plains Class… Third Trait: All spells of allies have a 50% of doing nothing and 50% chance to hit the weakest ally. :neutral_face:

What Were You Thinking: All Wild Plains allies are replaced by the Divine Meta.


Frostmage’s 3rd trait should have a 50% chance (or why not just 100%) chance to freeze something on ally cast. It could use the help since it might just try to freeze the same target that was already frozen. Queen Mab can do her freeze easy, the hero could use some help.

The Wind hero talents could use a major overhaul, not even a buff at this point. There’s almost no reason to use any of the provided choices in any build… Their best talent is 10% to Yellow Allies and even that is rather worthless.

Its nice to have a Fast “Assassin” and the Goblin hero weapon seems great. I just wish it wasn’t a mono colored brown… It kills the desire to use it.

I like most of what both of the classes have to offer though.

Is this a question?
I’ll take it as a question: No, it doesn’t need to be something nearly as good, but considering the actual Tauros in the game, and the big lack of cohesion in their spells aside from the buff “sub-theme” and the Random Theme in this kingdom i honestly dread an effect bringing random stuff to battles…

What about a 3rd trait of 5% chance to summon a Mongo on 4 or 5 gem match :stuck_out_tongue:



I believe it’s Lyya’s take on what the third trait should be. :wink::+1:t2:

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I agree it is too weak, but i’d rather see it replaced with something different than straight up buffed.
I hate Mab’s trait with a passion, auto-freeze traits are aweful for general gameplay, i’d rather not see more of them in the game.

I’m in a bit of both camps.

When I first came back to the game, I saw Queen Mab as the unfair power creep. Behemoth just did so much less AoE damage than Queen Mab, yet Queen Mab gets a 3rd trait that can change the game where Behemoth’s 3rd trait didn’t do much.

While I still dislike Queen Mab in general, freeze has a practical application that is handy when things get too out of hand due to game mechanics, like Goblins looping.

I’m excited for Frost Mage as I want a freezer that can apply the status effect quickly enough to interact with lucky AI cascades that isn’t a Blue/Purple purple troop. I’ve been desperately wanting one for the Hall of Guardians delve and I’m sure I’ll find more uses in the future.


Well she was at that time, power creep just didn’t stop then and has passed her since.

Anyway i like freeze too, when it is on specific spells designed and ‘balanced’ around it and even more if the player is the one doing the targeting of the freezes instead of it being random. Where i don’t like it is on traits auto applying it randomly.
Granted i am on the fence about the Frost Mage as the trait’s activation still requires spell casts albeit freeze unrelated spellcasts (However Mabs trait is just plain aweful gameplay-wise).
I’d still like to see a more interesting trait, one that interacts with freezes instead of causing them, akin to a certain games shatter/icelance concept maybe, The way it is currently even when buffed to 100% i find it dull, boring and its randomness in conflict with player agency.
It is a matter of personal preference i guess, many player seem to enjoy the game doing the targetting for them.

With a name like Frostbite it could freeze the first enemy when a spell is cast and deal damage to frozen enemies when you match blue gems.

As freezing a random enemy goes, making it quite powerfull as Mab, something simpler like freezing the first enemy would be ideal with troops that deal extra skull damage to Frozen enemies, it’s a Frostmage after all, it makes perfect sense to freeze an strategic target for allies who can exploit this disadvantage, also it allows some simple counter-strategies to use Impervious/Insulated troop in the first position making counter-traits relevant too.

If by chance in the distant future we could get better specializations, or evolutions if you prefer, for the classes i would love to have a Frost Lich class.

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When it comes to the hero, I prefer to see the more broader/generic unique traits as a 3rd trait like the Thief, Assassin, Archer etc. as only one hero class can be used at a time. I like the Bard class but I find a need to use the Titan class more often so Bard almost never gets to see play. At that point, I get to be disappointed that I may never get to see the Bard 3rd trait on another troop again, so I can’t have fun using more than 1 +1 Yellow buffer.

In that regards, I like the hero being able to apply freeze, since there’s multiple ways to apply freeze. (4/5 match like Mab, on cast, on color match, damage taken, skulls etc, freeze the 1st enemy on 4/5 or color or… you get the point), but would prefer a Legendary or Mythic troop with interesting effects that interact with Freeze that way there are more open ended options to combine functions.

Example: if the Hero had a deal double spell damage to Frozen enemy trait, if you’re in an event with no freezers, its basically a dead trait/wasted class. However if a Legendary had that trait, it would very likely be placed in a kingdom with freezers to interact with it during an event. A hero that can apply freeze would be useful anywhere.

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Sorry, i don’t get that at all. If you are in an event with no freezes possible(hello Raids and Invasions)the current third trait ends up being pointless too, so what?
I think you conflate the usefulness of hero classes solely based on their unique trait with their usefulness based on the whole package instead.
You don’t pick Titan for the third trait specifically unless you field giants, many event restrictions don’t allow most giants or well synergizing full giant teams really(i think it’s safe to say few people play comitted giant teams in events).
You pick Titan in non-Giant teams 'cause it has great versatile talents with variable usefulness, despite its 3rd trait.
The same should be true for Frost Mage. Sure in many cases his 3rd trait will not be great(in Raid and Invasion the current incarnation of its trait, that i don’t like won’t do crap at all!) but the class can still be great overall due to its talents. Now whether its current talents provide that is a whole other discussion worth having!
If anything the current Frost Mage 3rd trait has diminished to no usefulness at all in many of the relevant game modes, changing it will only increase its general usefulness.