(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

There are other Hellcrag troops that have this trait, including the Mythic, which is slated for release on the first week of August.

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And construct journey event still starting on Monday while construct hero class still will not be available until Friday? Top notch timing, I must say, a deserved round of aplause, please.


:joy: I can already imagine the post of the game locking up cause of the missing summon.


As humorous as this oversight is, I vaguely remember this happening in the past for a similar situation and the creature summoned was just introduced into the game live before it could be gotten into player collections. Hopefully that’s the outcome of this instead of the game shrugging at us and nothing happening.


Does anyone have any idea what this means? Is there any word of this dragonite, perfect runs, and traps any where else? Btw, you can see this message if you click the dungeon, itll be at the bottom of the screen just before it loads. It is very fast so you may need to take a picture using a different device

Edit: i found something!!! In the taransworld section where you can dig through game files theres something about using dragonite to craft gem dragons in the soulforge


That message is shown at the bottom of the Dungeon screen for me:

(6.4 on Android)


Looks like there’s more monetization coming to the dungeon, there’s a dungeon shop on the way:

before after
24 [CURRENCY_3001] Lanterns
25 [CURRENCY_3015] Forest Herbs
26 [DRAGONITE] Dragonite
27 [DRAGONITE_GAINED] %1 Dragonite
28 [DRAGONITE_GAINED_DESCRIPTION] Collect Dragonite to craft Gem Dragons in the Soulforge.
30 [DRAGONITES] Dragonite
31 [DUNGEON_BATTLES] Dungeon Battles
32 [DUNGEON_HINT] Win different jewels every day. Jewels are used in the Soulforge to craft troops, weapons, traitstones, and more. Choose doors to hunt for Bosses and earn Jewels. Defeat all Bosses without finding a trap for a Perfect Run (which earns some Dragonite).
33 [DUNGEON_OFFER1_HINT] Get rarer resources to use in the Soulforge.
34 [DUNGEON_OFFER1_NAME] Ultimate Deal
35 [DUNGEON_OFFER1_PURCHASED] You have already purchased today’s Ultimate Deal.
36 [DUNGEON_OFFER3_NAME] Shard Offer
37 [DUNGEON_OFFER4_NAME] Jewel Offer
38 [DUNGEON_OFFER5_NAME] Diamond Offer
39 [DUNGEON_OFFER_HINT] Get rarer resources to use in the Soulforge. Get some extra Jewels to help you craft in the Soulforge!
40 [DUNGEON_OFFER_NAME] Ultimate Deal Gem Bounty
41 [DUNGEON_OFFER_PURCHASED] You have already purchased today’s Ultimate Deal. You have already purchased today’s Gem Bounty
42 [DUNGEON_OFFFER3_PURCHASED] You have already purchased today’s Shard Offer.
43 [DUNGEON_OFFFER4_PURCHASED] You have already purchased today’s Jewel Offer.
44 [DUNGEON_OFFFER5_PURCHASED] You have already purchased today’s Diamond Offer.
45 [DUNGEON_SHOP] Dungeon Shop
75 [N_CURRENCY_POINT_3001] %1 Lantern
76 [N_CURRENCY_POINT_3015] %1 Forest Herb
77 [N_CURRENCY_POINTS_3001] %1 Lanterns
78 [N_CURRENCY_POINTS_3015] %1 Forest Herbs
81 [REWARD_HELP_DESC_DRAGONITE] Collect Dragonite to craft Gem Dragons in the Soulforge.
82 [REWARD_HELP_DESC_LIVEEVENTPOINTS_15] These collectibles contribute to your progress in the current Legends Reborn event.
84 [REWARD_HELP_HEADING_LIVEEVENTPOINTS_15] Legends Reborn Collectible

Dragonite looks like a new currency, the most interesting bit: “Collect Dragonite to craft Gem Dragons in the Soulforge.” Potentially not related to new event, just an extra.
Lanterns and Forest Herbs might be currencies for events.


Hmm, interesting! Thank you! :smiley:

Dao was released 1 week earlier and the summoned Servant of the Dao was there, but without traits.


We had the same thing happen in Nexus. Perhaps you were expecting the developers to more rapidly react to that?

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I remember when The Archduke was almost released before Hell Gate. His spell would summon a Lemure(a Rare Hell Gate troop) if it killed an enemy. The devs had to delay The Duke’s release until after Hell Gate went live.

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6.5 update is titled “Dragon’s Path,” looks like some text slipped into the game too early.



Having no elemental class for Nexus journey was not that important because Hawthorn had no boost ratio based of elementals, unlike upcoming Chalcedony troop that creates gems boosted by construct allies, so either play without hero or suffer in spellcasting department…that leaves a sour taste.

They could have put weeklong Raid Boss as the first Hellcrag event (instead of starting on August 1) and rotated Journey to that timeslot until after construct hero class was released - that I would applaud without sarcasm in my claps.

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A dungeon rework! Interesting!

Dang Pokemon just got dark.


How long till Nintendo files a cease and desist on the devs :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

One more Tarot from Adana?


Taransworld has put up the details on the new delve troops. I’m very underwhelmed.

The epic troop appears completely useless to me; he’s going to jumble the board and create a couple of specialty blocks/gems, but the risk that you turn over an attractive board to the other team will be too high to justify using him.

The rare troop may be the single worst “Golem” troop I’ve ever seen. I might utilize him as a “tank” because Stoneskin – although that’s less valuable these days if you pump a delve hoard enough to get the potion that provides skull damage resistance – and once in a while to explode something either for board control or to knock out Gargoyle gems. But I’m unlikely to use him to explode a bunch of skulls because that’s also too unpredictable and risks turning over a very attractive board to the other team.

So I guess the game plan is to use the Ultra Rare and the Legendary and try to win a spell damage battle? Which goes back to all the same joys as slogging through the Fire Rift with the same “strategy”? Only on a map where it appears it might be required to go through five rooms to beat the delve?

I find the lack of creativity and good planning disturbing.

And a waste of good looking dragon troop.