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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

I can think of 2 possible reasons:

a) consistency - other daily events apply to the kingdom of the week, this brings faction assault in line with that. Maybe they were getting support tickets asking “why isn’t faction for this kingdom in Tuesday event?” Maybe they genuinely thought this makes it easier for non hard core players to know which faction will be in the event. Maybe they intended to have it this way all along, they just didn’t have enough factions to be able to do it.

b) playing on our FOMO - this makes it harder to know the next time a faction will be coming up. It’s no longer “no more than 34 weeks” away, the uncertainty makes it more likely for those who do full runs on Tuesday to not pass up on a faction.

Either way, I’m not thrilled about this. The “no way to know when a faction will be up next” sucks.


c) makes pure 500 runs harder - the weekly boost to stats benefits the AI a lot more than the player in pure runs. If you want to make up the difference in stats you’ll need either power potions (gems) or hoard (gold and treasures). Yes, this already happens sometimes, but it will be almost every week with this change.


Hatir Ascendant and Skroll Reborn are both boss troops. Are they going to be released at the same time? Are they both going to require 8 power orbs?

A mythic that generates a bunch of lycanthropy gems. Yikes! It’s no longer a spoiler that those gems receive little love from players.

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I miss the days when this thread was active more than once a month. :frowning:

All my friends are dead says Nug-Nug the Tortole…

Kelpie faction should be interesting, if annoying fir the mana draining. Basically a race to devour, methinks?

Tomorrow’s faction I’m thinking is a skull-bash-the-burning delve — but it’s likely there’s going to be some reason the enemy becomes fireproof or something XD

Anyone have any speculation in regards to the upcoming gnome update? I liked the pity keys — will it be similar to that, more substantial, or something else entirely?

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If I’m just trying to guess here? I’d bet that they’re Soulforge recipes using Tarot cards as fodder, one using The Sun (from a much previous campaign) and the other using The Moon (from this one). And that the recipe probably will be stylistically similar to the one for the Leonis Tower.

So you probably won’t have to gather together Power Orbs for these two, but you will have to bang your head against Cedric Vault drop rates hoping for the Tarot cards. (When available.)

As for the Hatir & Skroll combined mythic? That one could be a Power Orb thingy. Which is a bit above what I’m worried about right now… I’ve got 7 Power Orbs towards Enraged Kurandara, but no Heart of Rage to kick me into higher gear to get the 8th.


The ultra-rare already has Fireproof as its’ third trait.

The strategy might be what you suggest; I think the strategy might also be to spam the Legendary’s spell as much as possible.

It’s the campaign reward at 1000 campaign stars. Others like it have been regular mythic, so I expect the same for this one.

I think you’re bang on for the other two though.

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The faction does have some elements of “curse and burn” so that should take care of Fireproof. I’m thinking that the epic with the attack and life gain is probably going to be the key troop on the team, and the rare is functionally useless except for absorbing one extra mana color.

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The combined mythic is this campaign’s elite pass reward for reaching 1000 stars, isn’t it?

It is. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make it a crafting recipe after-the-fact.

Maybe not for Power Orbs. But it could be a recipe that requires both Hatir Ascendant and Skroll Reborn as components.

Having campaign-related mythics as crafting recipes rather than vanilla pulls would be another way for the developers to try and nudge people towards purchasing the Elite Pass. Because I suspect a lot of us – myself included – find it to be a real headache to try and get the Tarot legendaries through the Vault so that we can craft some of the other stuff.

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Please don’t give them any ideas :hear_no_evil:

At least that’s not happening yet. From Campaign Begins: Moon Flask – Gems of War :

  • Haitr & Skroll – They will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends.

Technically, that doesn’t mean the troop couldn’t ALSO be craftable by combining the two mythics in soulforge though :thinking:

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Taran’s has some new info up. Looks like there’s going to be a Glacial Peaks mythic that works like the opposite version of Vernalis. All enemy debuffs instead of player team buffs. Also freeze and fairy fire on blue gem matches. That could be an excellent anti-gobo troop.

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She’s got the potential to be pretty good, too — sort of like The Gray King, sort of like Beetrix, different enough from both to be her own thing…


If the boost ratio remains at x4 it seems pretty weak. True scatter damage troops usually are. Except for Tesla who is awesome.

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I actually use Worldbreaker fairly often as my fourth on Delves. Unfortunately this one mana blocks on two colors so there wouldn’t be very good synergy, otherwise that would be a nasty 1-2 punch for AOE and board control.

I like the reflection on yellow matches. I’m glad they seem to be putting more troops into the game that do buffs and debuffs on regular matches instead of +4 or chance on the start of the turn. Also Impervious isn’t too shabby either.


Too weak for a defense, sure, but for a player who can guarantee an extra-turn loop? Could be pretty gnarly, I think.

Maybe I’m just overly optimistic :joy:


Decent Mythic for a noob, also, which I know the devs sometimes take into account.

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for once, maybe

Im still waiting for light bbq chicken quetzel something to be meta


I like the notion of this new Centaur mythic; I just don’t know that she makes much sense within the context of the Centaur team I occasionally run (or throw out on defense). That team currently reads as follows:

Firefly (Oracle Hero)
Astral Spirit

If I use her to replace Worldbreaker, I fall behind on mana generation (from Worldbreaker exploding most of the board) and because there’s the whole color clash thing with Yellow and Purple being blocked and no longer having anything to sponge up red.

If I use her to replace Astral Spirit, there are still many of the same issues plus Astral Spirit being Empowered is useful to open a match either to generate some quick Extra Turns or to re-shape a board against an enemy’s Empowered troops.

I like her, but I just don’t know if she’s especially wonderful within the context of what I’m already using unless I cast about for a different weapon for my Hero to use to bring things back into balance to some extent.

Yeah, for me, it’s never really about a type-centric team, when evaluating mythics.

What I’m looking for in a mythic is:

  • Can this help me wipe opponents quickly (either thanks to low mana cost, high damage output, or both)? (Ironhawk, Euryali, etc…)

  • Can this help me avoid losing to status effects in Wars; ie—does it allow me board control? (Sycorax, etc…)

  • Does it do a unique thing that makes some aspect of the game trivial-ish? (Irongut for delves, Megavore for insta-killing and armor-eliminating, etc…)

  • Does this thing counter something I face often; ie — can it reliably kill Zuul’goth teams, Queen Bee teams, Doomed Book teams, etc… (ironically, Zuul’ is my example here, as racing Zuuls is usually what I decide to do in this here sitch-ee-ation :laughing:)

  • If I play it correctly, can I reliably maintain my turn? Can the AI do the same? (Shahbanu, The Gray King, to varying degrees of success, obvee)

And maybe a few other incidentals.

I don’t really teambuild anymore except in the Wars environment — I have the Ironhawk team I need to wipe easy content, the Zuul team I need for Explore 12, all the delves are done, so :man_shrugging: Unless something comes along that’s better-enough to warrant changing up those go-tos (unlikely — they’re all pretty efficient as-is), then I don’t see myself needing a mythic for any of that.

What I need a mythic for is if I face a team on yellow day that has Zuul’goth and — uh-oh — I can’t bring my own. So what do I use to kill him?

I need counter mythics. I need my yellow-day Zuul’goths. I need my “Can’t be Frozens and can actually Do Something”.

Does she fit the bill? Hard to say. I think she maybe checks three of those boxes — will need to check. I just figure she’s worth the check because she’s a Gray King that can’t be frozen, minus the mana drain and silence (which are major draws, to be sure, so maybe that alone is a reason she’ll never make the cut, as providing my allies reflect isn’t as useful as shutting down the opponent).