(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Has been happening to a lesser degree in all other events with a gem shop for over a year now.

I’m sure the devs aren’t at all bothered with people spending/buying more gems to gain an advantage as a result.

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Anyway, it’s P2W, because unless someone spends a lot of gems, it’s impossible to compete. So it’s an event that focuses only on who is playing the Leaderboard, I can leave my guild outside, because this way we will never have the opportunity to compete. Frustrated to see that Gems got to the point of having to pay to win.

Leaderboard have always been P2W. Nothing much changed with Potions beside more people participate it in, which is totally their goal.

I never see Leaderboard as a main part of the game, just extra competition. I mean, at least in this Faction, what advantage do they have outside just quicker progress? Everyone will able to catch up in the end anyway, so it’s just spending to speed things up and spend less time later. Nothing wrong with that.

Also, you post in the wrong thread. Potions are no longer consider spoiler.

Yeah I have to agree, leaderboards have always required a lot of gem expenditure. People bicker about if that’s P2W because “oh but I only use free gems” but that still means you need resources to have a chance. (The PvP leaderboard isn’t P2W but requires a sizable time investment or a handy exploit.)

In this case, it doesn’t really matter. If #1 and #2 are buying multiple copies of Tier 7, they’re probably within 3-5 tiers of each other. That is 21-35 added to each stat, but realistically speaking I bet they’re already at +50 or so. Once you reach certain stat levels, +20 isn’t all that big a change.

The only way we’ll see a fair leaderboard with no P2W is if you get sigils you can’t buy extras of and face a GW-like scoring system where you can keep your highest score and players are ranked on that. It’d result in a lot of ties and angst.

Does this even make sense?


No, it doesn’t. No idea what the intent is supposed to be with the change of text—it made perfect sense before.

If you try to summon an indigestible ally, then it won’t summon a Daemon. (?)

Nope. Good thing I copy and pasted that vs typed it out.

On the same day it changed from:

Spell Description: Devour an Ally, then summon a Daemon. Deal [Magic + 6] true scatter damage, boosted by the devoured Ally’s Life. [3:1]


Spell Description: Devour an Ally, then summon a Daemon if the enemy is devoured. Deal [Magic + 6] true scatter damage, boosted by my Life. [3:1]

I’m not insane, I swear!

Hey lets be happy, i think is because he can no longer eat himself. Haha

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Reading this literally, I think he can still eat himself, unless “an ally” is hard coded to mean not being able to target yourself.

Could you devour yourself, technically? I don’t see why not in the strictest sense, but… how would that even work? Would you kill yourself, and then there be nothing to add to the stats to, resulting in suicide (assuming that this didn’t cause a game crash)? Would the net effect of devouring + adding the same stats to a card just cancel each other out, resulting in… nothing happening?

These are the real questions that need to be answered. :crazy_face:

Well, since you asked…

Black Beast already exists with the same wording (devour an ally) and can’t target himself. Its not “an ally” that makes him not be able to target himself though, since pretty much every ally target capable spell does not have this restriction, it is a different kind of targeting not differentiated in the text which is really “target an ally and not self” (Widow Queen also does this, and it is also not reflected in her spell text). There was that very interesting week where targeting was broken and you could target anything with anything, in which case Black Beast could devour himself, and he would just poof from existence.

But yeah, I have a feeling the new wording was put in with a spell caveat to deal with impervious/indigestible edge cases, since a few daemons actually have this. Honestly, I think it would be better read as:
Curse and devour an ally, then summon a Daemon. [rest of spell text here, whatever it may be] He should also have the hidden dispel that Black Beast has before the rest of the spell processes to pop barriers (and Bless as well) on ally troops.

Yeah, you could get still get Daemon summons without any troop loss by putting a Doom on your team and targeting it, but you can use Black Beast on impervious/indigestible troops to get full heals and skull bashes, and it is generally more to his determent than to his benefit. Needing to include a doom troop on your team to make Vash’Dagon able to actually able to replenish your ranks would also be pretty bad, as you could use that slot for troop with actual synergy, or, you know, another true summoner. Also, Curse fits thematically for Vash’Dagon, but not for Black Beast.


Only I looking at Red Charlotte:

see Peppa Pig


Heeeeere’s Obsidius! Pretty interesting, the trait is amazing, the mana generation is confusing to evaluate (it’s probably on par with Infernus, but you can target it, and it’s destruction instead of explosion…)

The damage takes some explaining. I did some data mining; light splash damage refers to splash damage that deals 25% to adjacent troops (such as Goblin Rocket), and heavy splash damage (new to Gems of War) deals 75% to adjacent troops. So the damage is in one heavier hit and one conditional lighter hit, rather than two medium size hits.

Time for math! Assuming you have all the Magic kingdom bonuses, Infernus deals
(13 +12) = 25 base Magic
Splash: (25+10) = 35 base + 18 or 36 to adjacent
Expected Damage: Splash + Splash = 70 to one target, 106-142 total

Obsidius deals
(13 + 9) = 22 base Magic
Heavy Splash: (22+4) = 26 base + 20 or 40 adjacent
Light Splash: (22+4) = 26 base + 7 or 14 adjacent
Heavy Only = 26 to one target, 46-66 total
Heavy + Light = 52 to one target, 79-106 total
Expected Damage: Heavy + 0.25 x Light = 33 to one target, 55-76 total

On average, Obsidius deals about half the damage Infernus does, mainly because Obsidius has a much lower damage bonus inherant in its spell and because its second hit only happens 25% of the time. That last clause really confuses me as to why it’s there, because he deals less than Infernus even if the Light hit were guaranteed.

We’ll have to see if the trait and the mana generation make Obsidius better than Infernus in the long run. Infernus’ Divine typing would be an advantage but the Maraj Queen releases before Obsidius and that gives a source of starting mana.

EDIT: I also checked Vash’Dagon, and he can’t devour himself.

Blade Wing has been buffed to 20% and the legendary creates a random storm on 4 or 5 match (the same as the hero champion talent) which takes care of my concern.

This also means troops can have hero talents at some point. That’s good? I wouldn’t mind having a dispel, submerge, or disease on 4 or 5 match troop at some point.

Not too keen on none of the 4 troops having any sort of skull damage reduction or dodge. Come on, they’re birds right? surely one of them can Dodge :stuck_out_tongue:
You can even give them like a Gain a 50% chance to Dodge skull damage when attacking in Delves!

Other than that, not too bad of a delve team, I kinda like it.

I’m kinda split on the idea of Harpy draining and clearing the storm. Think it’d be more interesting to lose the ability to clear the storm and keep it to be able to drain mana when it wants when a storm is active since storms already only last a few turns naturally and 4/5 matches aren’t always available for the legendary. Its not something I would know until actually trying the troop.

Clearing the storm also makes Harpy an extremely weak troop outside of delves since good multi-activation storm troops are quite rare, leaving it to just buff life which Faunessa does a much better job at. At least the other 2 storm clearers would be able to do damage without a storm.

There’s a good chance I could be wrong though lol

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My spoiler breakdown has been updated to include all the info we have on upcoming troops! Maybe I’ll update the guide to include Pets, Factions, Classes, Weapons…

Reminder; based on the information we have, we should get a 4.3.5 or a 4.4.0 later in May.

Lost track of how long this has been here, but …



Pick one. Stick with it.


The problem with doing a write up on future spoilers is that all details are subject to change and they love to change things around constantly which will make anything you write up outdated immediately.

Even the ones that look finalized can be easily edited.


According to the lore when Champion of Anu was released those two seemed different entities.

What i find funny about the Sword Edge mythics though is everytime their “Champion” falls they can pass on the armor and create a new one :rofl:

I think Shimra is pointing to the different spellings rather than to the “doubling” of mythics.

Did Vash get pushed back a month? Was checking Taran’s and it looks like Obsidius may be on this Friday. last time the Mythics got changed around it was a spell icon issue. I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on this time?