(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Yes, that 1 Magic value is what makes me believe it scales.

Any information on the next mythic? I went through this thread but maybe I missed it…

Thought it was going to be Doomsday

The spell as currently authored gives exactly 3 Magic. It does not scale
with Magic. (This is from the actual spell steps, not from the textual
description.) Of course this may change before the troop is released, but
at this time there’s no indication that the 1 Magic the troop gets at level
1 is anything more than a harmless mistake.


She/He(?) should at least enchant and buff a chosen ally if it’s a stactic buff of +3.

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Can’t choose both an ally and a gem on the board.


Oh, yeah you are right… An oversight of my part.
Maybe if the buff would apply to an ally in a certain position above or below the troop. Not very original, but it could lead to more strategic builds and counters playing with the position of cards/troops.


thanks for this! do the game files now show that merlantis is postponed? if so to when?

Yes, they do. The new projected release date is 10/20.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

If it would buff a random that uses the mana color converted, like it converts to blue it buffs korvash,in a gorgotha korvash, asha, garuda



God, I’m out of touch with this thread…


Hey @Kurokazna nice to see you, didn’t know you were even still in the game…

Or it could buff all allies that use the colour that you picked… that’d be different and tactically interesting…

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Buff all allies for 3 would be too strong methinks. Maybe 2 or 1 might be better

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Maybe. Magic isn’t as vital a stat as it used to be, and in the end-game +3 isn’t huge… maybe if it was +2 and doubled to ally Dragons :slight_smile:

But this new troop offers a flat +3 regardless of game stage. +3 magic to a level 100 player with no guild or kingdom bonuses, and barely-ascended troops, is amazing.

I’d like to see that get a buff of some kind, it looks pretty meh for an Epic. That being said, the art is pretty.

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Yes, but I wouldn’t begrudge that to those early game players - let them enjoy it while it lasts.

There are plenty of broken-scaling troops that are beyond amazing for early game players, particularly Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul is a Legendary, early-game players might not have him. (getting him was what made me stay in the game. Love him and his tiny blue hands :heart:)