(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

I feel like The Sun was specifically created for Shahbanu Vespera, both in terms of art and mana cost. I won’t be surprised if she gets purple and blue “cards” too.

shelf on an elf made me laugh.


New spoilers, not fully detailed:

Adana Mythic
February 5th
Create 20 Doomskulls. Then explode {1} Gems.

No 3rd trait, no color, no mana specified.

I remember pitching a mythic Captain Skullbeard. This is… insane, especially if you have like no magic and leave basically all of the Doomskulls behind. With Magic, its a full board clear (+ more)

NUTCRKR 1225 might overshadow it though, since its a cheaper mana cost legendary that eliminates all armor from a troop. Doesn’t hit life like Ironhawk would though.

Whitehelm Mythic
March 5th
The Archdeva
Chose an Ally. Give them {1} Attack, Life and Armor, and fill their Mana. Can only be cast once.

Unless this is empowered, this is terrible. I wouldn’t volunteer to use it even if it wasn’t single cast. Since this is a mythic, its bound to have a very high mana cost, defeating the purpose of using this as an alternate mana source. {1} Life and Armor isn’t exciting, since I can see it on Tink and Holy St. Astra. Not even all that interesting as an Attack, Life, and Armor booster since its only one time use. If its empowered than I’ll open it with welcome arms. Makes interesting options possible.

No 3rd trait, no color, no mana specified.

and non-associated stuff:

43 [TRAIT_ARTILLERYSUPPORT_DESC] Deal 5 damage to all Enemies when an Ally casts a spell.
45 [TRAIT_BANDINGARMOR_DESC] Gain 2 Armor for each Ally with a Banding Trait.
47 [TRAIT_BANDINGATTACK_DESC] Gain 1 Attack for each Ally with a Banding Trait.
49 [TRAIT_BANDINGLIFE_DESC] Gain 2 Life for each Ally with a Banding Trait.
51 [TRAIT_BANDINGMAGIC_DESC] Gain 1 Magic for each Ally with a Banding Trait.
52 [TRAIT_SANCTUARY] Sanctuary
53 [TRAIT_SANCTUARY_DESC] Barrier and Bless a random Ally when matching 4 or more Gems.
55 [TRAIT_TRUEBANDING_DESC] Gain 1 to all my Skills for each Ally with a Banding Trait.

Artillary Support: might be Ironhawk’s 3rd trait? Could be good synergy…

Sanctuary: Barrier and Bless a random Ally when matching 4 or more Gems: Might be Archdeva’s 3rd trait? Solid, but not enough to make Archdeva a single cast troop…

Banding Traits? One of Magic’s least favorite key words? Sure, let’s see what happens


Any guesses where these will come in? I was thinking faction, but looks like there’s 5 different traits for it (armor, attack, life, magic, true), so maybe not?

Won’t work, even a single exploding gem will likely trigger a chain reaction blowing up the whole board.

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Yes! The whole series!! It would be too slow at 1 card per Campaign though. Excited about the updated art!

I’m very curious about that. For me, it feels like a new mode based on Warband, that work similar to Bounty, but with those traits as an add-on bonus.

Those banding traits feel five years too late to have any noticeable impact. Just look at Banding Armor, gain 2 armor for each ally with a banding trait. That’s at most 8 armor. Basically an inverse Bond trait that grants 2 armor to all allies, and those are already deemed a wasted trait slot. If the bonus is set to scale (as in something like 2 + 10% base value for each ally) it might work out. The numbers above just scream “dead on arrival”, you’ll feel sorry for each troop that gets stuck with this disappointment instead of a useful trait.

Sanctuary and Artillery Support look quite powerful.

True. Though… meanwhile …


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If they include all of the major arcana, then wouldn’t they have to rename Death (the mythic troop) to something else so as not to conflict with the XIII arcana? Chances are though that they are probably going to use only a few of the arcana, not all 22.

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Death is also commonly called rebirth in new tarot decks. The more you know… :stuck_out_tongue:


A 10% chance to transform into a random Beast each turn. However, there is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.

Say what, a new status effect? Haven’t seen that in a while :smiley:


Whoa… Werewolf invasion!
Seems like it can backfired easily by giving your enemies a stronger Beast than original troop. Remind me of Dragon’s Eye.

Now that it’s confirmed, I still don’t care much for him. Seems like an unnecessary middle man, with only exception being Ketra. Or you like to cast it on Daemon Gnome for some reason.

Cleanse is more common now, so I’m not sure if I need his bless. Rather stick my Christian Jotnar for better spell. :grin:



I don’t see the point of a one time cast troop at 20 mana that does… that

Archdeva uses magic x 2 in the calculation for his ability but it is still underwhelming. I mean the third trait isn’t bad at all and giving full mana is nice but it really doesn’t make up for the one cast restriction. I don’t think even magic x 3 would make me want to use him. Maybe if his spell also boosted magic in addition to atk, armor, and life?

As it is, The Archdeva could already turn several troops into raging one-shot machines against any other player and even many AI teams. That trait is also going to make it super annoying/indispensable in GW, I’m thinking.

Way, way too slow to matter, methinks, especially with a passed turn…


I would really like to see The Archdeva with the Empowered trait. Its not an Empowered converter, so I won’t be annoyed by a turn 1 board state favoring the AI, but it definitely would create a lot of team opportunities that just needs a jump start to function, even if it stayed at one cast. There hasn’t been a mythic empowered troop yet, so there’s always a first…

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I don’t know if I would like that, but it would certainly make the troop interesting (and worth using at all :joy:)


Is it weird that I’d rather see all Mana Start traits nerfed? The Hero troop type starts can get buffed from 50>60, but legendary type starts can all drop to Ishbaala level 40%, Empowered drop down to 80, and I forget the order of quick/swift/fast, but make them 20/40/60. It’s kind of ridiculous that any team can win a match in a single turn

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You have me for about 75% of it. If mana start traits should get nerfed in the future, they should all get nerfed (i.e. not having the heroes 50% move up to 60%).

Truly, the fast mana start troops that annoy me are the empowered ones… but they’ve dug their own mess in all of that. I don’t think I’d lose any sleep if they all got dropped down to 75% mana start