(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

AFAIR in the first Sneak Peek Sirrian mentioned it being about a month away. If so it should be right around the corner, probably sooner than the new Kingdom. Unfortunately I don’t think there was anything more about the ETA since then, so it’s a very unreliable assumption :frowning:

Methinks that might be some way off, or devs would be making more noise. Two of the senior devs were recently away travelling, so I suspect GW is still work in progress.

@Beowulf thanks!

Any info on the mythic dragon?

Too far away at this point I think. Next up is Dwarf from Khaziel in April, then Dragon in May.

Not much love for him in this thread hehe

The thread’s been pretty barren of spoilers as of recently, so I’ll add throw in some images of upcoming troops. (Don’t got any info to add to them aside from appearances, that’s not my forte.)

While I’m about 90% certain these have already been posted who-knows-when, consider them a reminder of what’s to come.

Note: Separated by ‘Hide Details’ to avoid unneeded stretching.

Adana (3)

Forest of Thorns (1)

Pan's Vale (1)

Khetar (1)

Blackhawk (1)

There are no other image files present, so no, I can’t provide pictures of the new Mythic Dwarf/Dragon or of Troops from the upcoming kingdom (yet).


Those are some beautiful troops. Especially like the 3 for Adana. :+1:


Nice, thanks!

So next Kingdom is waiting on a new spell effect, which requires a client update. So it’s been delayed until after Guild Wars releases.

Updated release schedule (for the data divers) should go out in the upcoming weekly event update.


randomly split stat buffs? :grin:

I can hope at least. stat buffers don’t get much love.

So with the delay, any ETA on when the update should come out? Doesn’t need to be anything specific. Like a month perhaps?

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Thanks for spoiling Logan for me… :sob:
Don’t know if you realized your meme has a spoiler of that movie in it, but perhaps a warning would be nice.
I don’t mind having Gems stuff spoiled, but not movies.

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That was not cool. Take it down? As @penguinblender says, let’s not spoil films here, especially with no warning or tag.

Aside: @penguinblender I hope your name isn’t directly related to actually blending penguins…

I didn’t even notice til you said something. DAMN IT!!!

Although i’m an idiot for seeing someone say spoiler and THEN I go look. smdh

Maybe it’s a joke?

Really sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil it for anyone else. Quite the opposite.
It’s still an awesome movie worth watching though, even when it’s spoiled.

And no, Jainus, I don’t blend penguins… or do I???
No, it’s just a stupid gaming name from high school.

I had saw the writing before but didnt care to read it, cause memes.

Now im kinda mad.

Hang on, you mean the ship sinks in Titannic?


One part sinks and the other part floats.

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I didn’t see the fine print there. Fortunately I have seen the movie so I am unaffected. That may or may not be what happens.

I read it and I haven’t seen the movie :sob:

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