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Spell Order? - Champion of Anu

Champion of Anu’s Spell Says:
“Silence, Stun and drain all mana from an enemy. Deal X damage to them and all enemies below them.”

Based on the order they are written, if the target has the Alert trait (immune to silence) then shouldn’t the Silence fail as it’s set to go off before the stun? (currently that doesn’t seem to be the case, as it silence a troop with the Alert trait)

Like there’s anything that work in the “right” order? Troops that steal magic actually do before doing the damage (yao, amira & co), troops that apply effects on skull hits actually do before they hit Webspinner, rock troll & co), pretty sure there’s lot more but no point bothering.

Better go back to pull that lever, maybe it’s jackpot time :stuck_out_tongue: