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Speed Running Gnome Vault Key Event

Certain kingdoms don’t have that issue. And hopefully as long as no forum users put a big billboard (or thread) up for the devs saying which kingdoms they haven’t ruined yet. It won’t be an issue for a long time.

Rip Urskaya.

I think they’ve got enough data to be on the trail, regardless of our chatter.

I suspect devs will have a concerted effort going forward to make sure there are troops with immunities in every kingdom, troops with on-death summons in every kingdom, etc…

It’s all part of their plan to slow us down as fast (or faster) than power creep speeds us up. Hamsters in wheels :man_shrugging:

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I made the gif because it was requested. Not to give away a team I didn’t make. 🤷

@gmorin2 Which team are you talking about, a team pairing Phoenecia with Sacrifice? That is slow to set up most of the time, so rather a rough road. I have no idea which team AWRyan have found tho.

Nice attitude. Don’t ever change.

The +magic bonus is given every 44k renown, so the second one would be at 88k, right? If there’s only 34 factions planned (one per kingdom) they would top up at 34x2.5k = 85k renown, so unless I made a mistake in my calculations somewhere there’s no additional help coming from delves :frowning:

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Since level 17 and 19 won’t be reachable until all the existing underworld Kingdoms have been released.

It’s easy to assume that the next set of Faction like entities will also involve renown and will be tied to Kingdoms. Last I knew the devs were kicking around a Heaven like over world.

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Didn’t the developers recently talk of possibly adding more kingdoms to the game? If that actually happens, then those kingdoms will have their own associated delve. That should be enough to push the max renown above 85k and gain that 2nd bonus magic.

Maybe they could use the already existing Vault and Primal kingdoms and just add them to the map. I mean they already have associated troops so the devs don’t have to completely start from scratch. Plus it would give us an opportunity to gain a gnome and an elemental class for the hero.

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Is it only me that can see the world in the skies coming?

Apocalypse & Guardians would be nice too.

The topic side-track of stat boosts is noteworthy, but what’s funny is stats do nothing for the proposed Ironhawk speed team. I did a few tests and although I got more Gnomes, the overall rewards didn’t feel worth taking time away from speed farming E7-9.

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That they did, on stream a few weeks ago.

As reported by @TheIdleOne ,

The situation is a bit murky around the new kingdoms currently, but I think the 505 acquisition of I+2 is enabling the devs to go forward with some wanted new localizations that they could not do previously, perhaps because of the financial costs of doing so independently. New localizations means new kingdoms. That and on the stream there was also discussion regarding providing the remaining missing hero(ine) racial classes, which would require new kingdoms to be released unless an unlikely rework of existing kingdoms were to happen.

They are much more likely to be faction-like in some way than kingdoms. Troops for kingdoms have to generally follow a rarity distribution scheme, which the one-off organizations do not follow (Primal, Apocalypse, etc.) Devs have commented about this in the past.

Although, The Vault might be a real possibility for a kingdom with the gnomes being common and Cedric as legendary. There are even pets present in the game files (which have been there a very, very, very long time) that could signal a kingdom, such as kingdom and racial pets (Not-so-Golden-Goose + Gnorman). There’s an awful lot of smoke signals pointing in this direction.


Trying out some troops i managed to get the magic up to 69 using your video without breaking the bonuses!


You asked why I hid the team I posted on here. I respectfully replied.
You then created your own team. Posted about it. And then hid it.

I see.



No secrets - just risk :laughing:

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I did it out of respect of your team

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And it must be used in blackhawk… or you won’t get consistent exp9 kills everytime but just about…

Ahhh I see your intent now. But fear not. That’s your own build and not what I used.

An unedited 5 spot in action for proof. Instead of a gif?

You scared to show it