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Speed Running Gnome Vault Key Event

Since you sent me a DM explaining you were high last night. I don’t mind reminding you. But it’ll be the last time that I do.

Fair enough

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Did they nerf something about this? I’ve been blowing through difficulty 1 battles in explore in Wild Plains for ~30 minutes now using the same team (Dust Devil + 3x Ironhawk) as last time and I haven’t seen a single treasure gnome. LOTS of leprechauns, but not a single treasure gnome.

EDIT – OMG, MY FIRST TREASURE GNOME, A SOUL GNOME, AFTER PLAYING FOR NEARLY AN HOUR NOW… wtf is going on. I’m doing no less than 6 battles a minute. I’ve done over 50 battles today and gotten ONE treasure gnome now.

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Battle Crashers will take the blame for the sins of just “normal” GoW streakiness.

This is stupidly ridiculous. I’m getting leprechauns sometimes back to back in battles. Okay, three times in a row just now. But I’ve seen THREE treasure gnomes this morning. Something isn’t right. Edit: sorry, five treasure gnomes, I got my first key. It’s hard to track because of the STUPID PET RESCUES BLOCKING THE GNOME TRACKER. good god…

And yet they come from somewhere that aren’t BC…🤷