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Spam ban please

Now that we have such a robust system for filtering such egregious words as horseman, can it please have an auto-warn auto-ban for spam trolls?


Bye-bye spammer :laughing:
Nim. to the rescue!


I find it amusing that a thread about banning spammers appears at first glance to be spam itself. :slight_smile:

Also, go get 'em, Nim!


Feels a little close to a callout thread, but disregarding that.

I agree a spam filter of some sort would be worth investing some time into. A couple rules for its activation:

  • Activates upon XX number of messages in a minute.
  • Activates when you post the same message within X minutes.
  • Auto-ban function for X day(s) for XX repeat offenses within an XX hour timeframe.

Replace ‘X’ with a reasonable number.

I would agree if it was a player with time and history but this clown was level 4 and didn’t really have an identity beyound spamming.