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Soulforge Troops

Does this only apply to mythic troops, or are legendaries given the same treatment?

I think I was typing my edit above while you were typing. Is the team considering some kind of adjustment so that legendary troops will also come up in some kind of limited time window? Even with the same kind of rotation in place for the mythics, with 67 legendary troops, it would take 17 weeks to cycle through all of them, and up to 34 weeks if a troop came up first in one cycle and last in the next. That’s an awfully long time to wait for TDS, Khorvash or some other really desirable Legendary.

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The changes apply to Legendary troops also, but unfortunately the pool is larger so it will take longer to cycle through.

Umm, I’m really not sure that is the case. In fact, I’m certain it’s not, since several Legendary troops have appeared twice since mid-January.

I think maybe the “non-repeating in back to back weeks” change was made, but not the “sampling without replacement” change?

Could the Legendary Forge selection be increased to 6 or 8?


This is when the pool reset.
Our initial pool was not the full listing of 70ish troops as I removed what had been recently available, so that’s why the first reset didn’t take 17 weeks.

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Oh, that’s great - thanks for clarifying!

So, for @Grundulum, that would mean that Stronghorn should come up sometime in the next 9 weeks, while Sol’zara, depending if Feb 12 fell in the new or old cycle, could be anywhere from next week to 26 weeks from now (give or take a couple weeks).


This is great news. :slight_smile:

This is the sort of good news that I would like to see officially announced. I think it would go a long way to smoothing out some of the ruffled feathers around the forum these days.


Both of those are in the current drop pool


So February 19 was the start of the current Legendary draft, then. Cool!

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This is like some kind of GoW birthday or something.


Does that mean you’re sending Cake to the office for me? :heart_eyes:

Yikes anytime from next week to 6 months from now seems like a very long timeframe!!

One thing not known is how new mythics are handled. I can see four possibilities:

  1. A new mythic is added to the current mythic pool immediately.
  2. A new mythic is added to the current mythic pool when it is added to normal chests (three or four weeks?).
  3. A new mythic is added when the mythic pool resets (anywhere from immediately to seven weeks).
  4. A new mythic is added when the mythic pool resets after it is added to normal chests (four to eleven weeks.)

Is there any evidence based on the last two new mythics, which were created after the new system began?

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Oh. That was going to be my next thing in the stream, actually, “Can you add an item that’s like, ‘buy a dev a beer’ in the shop?” I guess it has to be “cake” to avoid getting the “alcohol references” rating on the App Store.

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Why not have the legendary pool change daily? Then it takes 17 days to cycle through…

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This isn’t a horrible idea, actually. Legendaries cost 5x less than mythics, so maybe they should also cycle faster?

This would also keep the cycle from growing crazy as more legendary are introduced, AND it keeps people excited to log in every day to see what the new hotness is.


The only drawback would be for people that don’t play daily (and don’t want to, or can’t). What about having them cycle through 1 at a time, with 4 available at any time and the oldest one being replaced daily? That would keep 4 in the forge at all times and still allow people to catch anything as long as they log in at least twice a week, but allow the whole thing to cycle through in 10 weeks?


This is tough to answer with the data we have available right now. I won’t even be 100% sure that I have the cut-off correct until, at best, 11 days from now. The specific examples we have avaiilable are:
Skadi - released on December 22; first Soulforge appearance on March 5
Gargantaur - released on January 5 - first Soulforge appearance on Feb 12
Vorph - released on February 2 - first Soulforge appearance on April 9
Champ - released on March 2 - first Soulforge appearance on April 2

I think the cutoffs happened on February 12 (half of the 4 troops in each cycle), March 19 (all 4 troops in the previous cycle, so a new draft starting March 26) and the next will happen on April 30 (with a new draft starting on May 7).

So far, almost everything is consistent with your option 4, meaning mythics would go into the pool at the start of a cycle as long as they were released at least 4 weeks before. That is consistent with:

  1. Skadi not appearing in the draft ending February 12;
  2. Garagantaur appearing in the first week of the draft which started 5 weeks after his release;
  3. Vorph not appearing in the draft ending March 19, since it would have started 10 days after he was initially released; BUT NOT
  4. Champion of Anu, who was released on March 2, and appeared in the forge on April 2, in a draft which I think started on March 26. But maybe they are counting the 26th as 4 weeks after?

So, TL;DR: I don’t really know, but probably not your first option.