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Infernus Support Group… All Welcome… 😭

Infernus just has a bit worse luck these times. That’s the game.

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Good news! All mythics are now drawn without replacement, meaning that you will never see a repeated mythic until all the other mythics have appeared. Now (as I think happened here), Infernus can appear at the start of one cycle, and in the back half of the next. It happens. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: but I’ll toss a like on the OP for the reference to the original Pharos Ra thread. :slight_smile:


Yes. Two weeks ago I would have hopped on this thread and been ready to help you wave the torch and pitchfork.

But it was confirmed in a similar thread recently that since somewhere around mid-February, the Soulforge selection process works like this:

  1. Every mythic is tossed into a bag.
  2. Every Monday:
    2.1 If the bag is empty, repeat step (1).
    2.2 Move a mythic from the bag into Soulforge.
    2.3 If fewer than 4 mythics are in Soulforge, repeat step (2.1).

So Infernus should show up within the next 2-5 weeks. I remember the numbers “3” and “6” from the thread and can’t remember which one is next. There’s still a chance that there’s a bug and we’ll have to gripe when that happens, but as of right now there is no evidence that any mythic has repeated since mid-February so the promise still holds.

The website Taran’s World keeps track of all mythics and legendaries in rotation in the Soulforge and when they appeared. As I mentioned in the OP, you can clearly see that the units Abynissia, Doomclaw, Draakulis, Famine, Ketras the Bull, Pharos-Ra, Queen Aurora and Skadi have each appeared twice since February 26th. If the selection process operated as you state it did, Infernus would have been at worst released one or two weeks ago.

The info has already been shared that the rotation has been fixed which is awesome, although since Infernus was fairly recently in it means a longer wait.

BUT… as the creator of the original Pharos Ra Support Group, I had to lend my official support for your cause! Fortunately for you, Infernus will return in a definite time!!

Keep your chin up and keep matching those gems!!

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Infernus showed up on Feb 26 as part of the rotation that started somewhere in the middle of February. We’ve moved on to the next rotation a couple of weeks ago, with Infernus still in the pool. He’ll be up for crafting within the next few weeks.

I’ve been tracking the Soulforge rotation and, based on my calculations, Infernus is guaranteed to appear next week (April 30).


OK, hear me out here, because if you take some time and track down all information it’s clear this makes sense.

Let’s have a look at what we know.


I responded to this with suspicion, as the devs hadn’t confirmed this behavior. It took a while to get a response but:

And, finally:

So let’s talk about it.

There are 27 total mythics. If 4 are selected every week, that is 27 / 4 = 6.75 weeks per rotation, roughly 7. We are currently in week 17 of 2018, so there has been time for 2 rotations. CliffyA pointed out the first rotation did not contain the full pool of mythics for whatever reason, so it didn’t take a full 7 weeks. He also indicated the 2nd rotation explains Gog and Gud’s repeat appearance on 19 February, shortly after an appearance on 5 Februrary. So that rotation could’ve happened on the 12th or 19th of Februrary.

What’s 7 weeks from those dates? The 2nd or 9th of April. What’s in common about the repetition of the troops you mentioned? Every troop’s “first” appearance in the interesting time range is on or before 19 March. Every troop’s “repeat” appearance happened on or after 9 April. Therefore, these repetitions are in line with what we have been told.

If a rotation happened on the 2nd or 9th of April, the end of the current rotation will be on 28 May or 4 June. We should see Infernus before then. We can pinpoint the date of the rotation if we’re clever: we know for sure our last rotation was the 2nd or 9th of April, so we can look for the first repetitions after that to help nail it down.

So I was wrong with my from-memory recollection of the relevant dates, and I also had a mysteriously wrong mental estimation of the cycle length.

As I mentioned, I’ve got these rotations charted out and my predictions for the last two weeks have been spot-on. I believe we are one week away from completing the third cycle since the rotation began. The first cycle started January 15 and ended February 12. The second cycle also began February 12 (that week was two troops to finish the previous rotation and two troops to start the next) and ended March 19 (with the last 4 troops). The third cycle began March 26 and will end next week.

It was the Legendary rotation that started February 19 - that might be what is tripping you up.

Still waiting for Chief Stronghorn to appear…

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This makes sense, aside from the fact that 2 of the Mythics in that 27 are not supposed to be in the pool (as we’ve seen with both, they are in the pool anyway, but they quickly get removed/replaced), meaning rotation is 6.25 weeks.

From what we know, we’re 40 legendaries into the current rotation, so you shouldn’t have to wait more than another 5 or 6 weeks assuming nothing changes.

You are correct and I’ve only been counting Mythics that are supposed to be in the pool. I’ve excluded Xathenos, Zuul and any mythic that was released during the current rotation or shortly before the current rotation started.

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Can you give more info on your prediction table, or is that proprietary knowledge? :wink:

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At the moment, it is just a messy excel spreadsheet. I’m not really keen to spread it around, but I’d be happy to answer any questions on my methods and results.

It was tricky to try to work-out where the rotation started, and the devs confirmed that they made some manual adjustments at the beginning, but I’m pretty sure I have the start and end-points nailed down now. One more week of correct predictions and I’ll be 100% confident about that, though I’m still not 100% sure I know how they are introducing new mythics into the rotation.

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I hope you like the new rotation :slight_smile: Hello new support group :wave:

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Hi @Stan,
Per this conversation I’ve added the Mythic cycle to the SoulForge website but Legendaries don’t appear to have the same system. I tried to use the same approach I used on Mythics for the Legendaries and it didn’t work. Any thoughts on this? Thanks very much… http://www.taransworld.com/SoulForge/



Stan seems busy this week, so here’s my understanding:

Legendary cycle 1 started February 12 with Borealis and Kerberos (Leviathan and Sol’Zara were in the proto-cycle 0).

Legendary cycle 2 started May 29 with Moloch, Sekhma and Umberwolf (Hyndla was in cycle 1 we believe).

I think this is enough information to fill in yet another useful aspect of your irreplaceable website, but let me know if you need more. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you @actreal , that’s just what I needed. I’ll try to get that working in the website today. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you again for the help with the Legendary cycle. I’ve made the changes as you discribed. There were a couple troops that were released much earler that had a first showing after May 29th but I’m assuming that is because there release date wasn’t soon enough to get them in to the first cycle. The cards that were an issue are:

First showing:
June 4, Magnus (released: February 04)
June 11, Willow (released: April 22)
June 11, Queen Titania (released: January 29)

Also a couple imps (Summer Imp, Autumnal Imp) but I assume they don’t follow the cycles?

If you have time please take a look at the site now and let me know if you see any issues.

ps. Thank you @EliteMasterEric for suggesting I take a look at this tread and update the website. :slight_smile:

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Yep. They were an issue but all should be in this cycle, per this post by dev CliffyA:

Also, top idea @EliteMasterEric! :+1:

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