Soulforge rant about a mythic not appearing

So i’ve been saving shards for pk, missing mythics i also wanted because pk “was in the forge”. It was released on Nov 02. The new cycle was Nov 12. Over a week away. So PK was released fully… But wasn’t in the forge? How long do mythics have to be released for them to appear in the forge? a week (obvious not a week) a month? 3 months?

“pk” = “The Possessed King”? Can people write names properly?


+1 to help newer players/forum members
Best practice would be to use the full name the first time then use the abbreviation
But at least use the standard abbreviation for the troop! e.g. The Possessed King = TPK

Id rather have stuff implemented “correctly” than worry about using acrynms. Such as class weapons being implemented correctly (got that right last time) and mythics being added to a new cycle if they were release before the cycle started (and FYI PK was released before the cycle).

Check here for useful info:

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Soul forge. Last cycle, cycle 8. started Nov 12. When did TPK come out? Oh. Nov 02. So it was out just over a week before a new cycle.
I get what you’re saying “Don’t abbreviate, so new players can understand better” but right now, the mythic’s name isn’t important. The fact that it wasn’t added at all to the cycle, despite being added a week before the cycle started, is the important issue. Had it not been TPK, and instead was Irongut, there might be a lot more people annoyed.

Your last post is more like what your first post would’ve looked like. If players are unfamiliar with the abbreviations you’re using, then devs are too. If a dev has to ask you a question, that can add a lot of time to how long your question sits unanswered. You do yourself a disservice when you further dilute your thread by arguing with the people who try to help you understand this.

A possible explanation for the situation stems from something different I don’t fully know how to explain. It’s clear Soulforge picks troops that are “in the chest rotation”. But there are at least two points where a mythic might “be in the chest rotation”.

It could be when the mythic first releases. Or it could be something more complex. When most troops release, they are available in one particular kind of chest (legendaries) or a particular store (event/glory troops). They don’t appear in the chest rotation for 2-4 weeks. I’m not sure if mythics follow that rule, but it’s possible a mythic isn’t fully “released” until 2-4 weeks after it is featured.

That would explain this situation. Maybe someone else will go through the cycle history to see if there is evidence of how this works. I remember in the early cycles we had some discussion about how it was handled, but I do not remember if we figured out how it worked. My suspicion is it is true that a mythic isn’t “released” until 2-4 weeks after it is featured, because it’s just what happened.

A lot of GoW mechanics have silly complex features like this, and aren’t fully documented except through oral histories maintained by forum regulars.

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So A few dates to add to determining the times.
Weaver was released on AUg 03. And wasnt added into the cycle that started in Aug 06.
Megavore was added on Sep 07, but wasnt added into the cycle that started Sep 24.
Fallen valis was added on oct 05. Was added into the next cycle which started Nov 12.
TPK (possed king) Was added Nov02. Wasnt added into the next cycle that started Nov 12.
Irongut. Was added Dec 07. Unsure whether it’s added into this cycle, starting jan07.

The longest difference where it wasnt added is 17 days.
The shortest distance where it was added is currently 38 (5 weeks 3 days),
If Irongut is in this cycle, it’s 4 weeks 3 days.

It’s just odd because i’m sure people still find a particular mythic days after it’s no longer the exclusive mythic.

Yeah, that data seems consistent with, “A troop is only eligible for Soulforge if it is available in the normal chest rotation when the cycle starts.” Mythic week is not a normal chest rotation, so it doesn’t count.

  • Weaver, Megavore, and TPK were added in a cycle later than the 2-4 week “exclusive” period.
  • Fallen Valdis and TPK were not added to a cycle that started during their “exclusive” period.
  • Irongut is inconclusive, because we haven’t seen this cycle in entirety.

I agree with you it’s “odd”, because it means the concept “Is a mythic released yet?” isn’t as simple as, “Is it possible to own it?”

This may help, although slightly old since it’s no longer maintained. But Stan noted:

So things could have further changed…

I think you’ve basically got it.
Troops are not eligible for Soulforge until 4 weeks after release.
Troops that are not in gold/glory chests are not eligible (treasure gnomes).
Troops are only added to the available pool when it resets, assuming they are eligible at that time.

So this week was the first chance for The Possessed King to appear.