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Soulforge Epic Weapons Rotation

The Soulforge is a good way to get troops aside from opening chests, with keys or otherwise, but it’s weapon department is lacking. Meanwhile, weapons of Epic rarity from late events(such as Prey Seeker and Nature’s Wrath, as well as all elemental staves and swords) are not obtainable anymore even from bundles. So why not solve both problems?

Create a 4 Epic Weapons weekly rotation for epic weapons that are not obtainable from Masteries, not unlike similar rotations for Legendary and Mythic Troops. This way, new players that are already late to the events that get them these weapons can still eventually get them via Soulforge.

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Epic Weapons are (or should) in fact available to be crafted in the event week of the Kingdom they’re tied to!

However there was a list of exceptions to this posted here:

Prey Seeker and Nature’s Wrath were both on this list, and should otherwise be available for purchase randomly through the weekly “We’ve noticed you’re missing this weapon from your collection!” offer or during a Dragon’s Claw/Glacial Peaks weekly event in this section of the Shop:



The ‘elemental’ swords/staves should all be available in their respective event weeks – if they weren’t, definitely bring it up.

There were a few other Epic Weapons that weren’t on that list, but not heaps.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the choice they made in this regard.