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Some rows in guild chat are disappearing randomly

Today a lot of lines disappeared. It 'so difficult to have a conversation with this problem.
Also messages put into the chat to tell people something when they join disappeared.

We are aware that players are seeing this issue. Sirrian commented on this here:

For what it’s worth, it’s not only monday (event-swap server-overload). It’s not discriminating - last night it ate 10min-worth of discussion, and it deletes multiple-people lines at a time, not just from a single person.

Also it might be just my impression, but it feels like it got this bad since the last update (whatever was changed to the chat - now it’s triggering the “loading-circle-of-doom” for some reason when leaving chat - was likely the reason behind this?).

I suggest to use alternative programs to communicate. We have GoW server on Discord, and every guild can create their own server there also. No communication problems at all, its more comfortable and looks better. Voice communication is possible also.

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Except there are players that play exclusively on phone and don’t have much access to pc during the week so we relay on chat to work in order to communicate with our guild.

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I dont see a problem? We also have players who are playing on phones only and they are communicating through Discord with guild.

The fix for the chat server is clearly the same as the universal fix for all technical or mechanical problems: percussive maintenance.

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Discord works on phone too? :open_mouth:
Damn haven’t tried it. But now that you mention, why wouldn’t it work :smiley:

Tbqh, any modern communications platform that neglects the phone is basically dead in the water.

I’m only guessing here, but this could be a lock issue. Server-Client communication could be temporarily locked while it is processing a chat request. So on a busy day it might be too slow to catch new incoming line that is typed too quickly. A possible solution is a queue to store the unprocessed packages.

Anyway, this is the only chat related problem I can think off without knowing how your chat program is written. Good luck

Lock issue could either be on server receiving end or client sending end, or both. Might be another point to investigate.

Just a reminder, because the problem is worsening.

2 days ago, 8 chat lines in our guild chat disappeared. Today, 4 more are evaporated.
I have the screenshots of the last disappeared chat rows , if you needed them, because since a few days I’m grabbing a screenshot every time I write something in chat.

Anyway, this is a big problem for the game. No communications, means less interest for the guild.
Guilds are the reason all the long time players are continuing to play, so, please, take this problem seriously.

It seems to me that the disappearance is tied to the temporary rows shown every time someone upgrade a troop to Mithic or drop an high level troop.
Is it possible that, when the temporary rows are deleted, some more chat rows are deleted too?


Please, please, please, pretty please. Fix it! :sob:

Early this morning:


If anyone writes more than 1 row on the chat, the second one (and all the following) disappear.
Currently the chat is unusable. Worse than that, now very few guilders are willing to communicate using the game internal chat. Our guild will die, continuing this way.

Perhaps there is an antispam timeout demon, deleting lines if they are posted within a short time interval?


For everyone struggling with this problem, @Fifthelement pointed out that if you leave and re-enter the guild chat after each line, they should stay and not get deleted

I can confirm that this workaround works!

This is still happening, I am just now seeing the above mentioned workaround. That kind of nonsense shouldn’t be necessary either though. Is this even being addressed?

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Unfortunately even the workaround stopped working a couple days ago.
A saw several chat lines written that way, disappear less that 24 hours after being written.

Previously, a good way to see if a chat line was saved on the chat server was to exit from the game, enter again, and check if the line was there.
Now it seems that even if it is there, the line can eventually disappear from the server, anyway.

The only sure thing is that it happens always when more than 1 chat line is written. But it’s not always the second line the one disappearing. Sometimes it’s the first one.

@Nimhain said they know that there is this problem, but I don’t know if they are working on fixing it.

We have a fix coming in 2.2 Update that should resolve the issue.


I’ve tried searching really I have!
When is that update coming out? I’d like to give my guild some hope.

Berfore Christmas, we don’t have an ETA yet.

Thank you!

Totally Agree! Nimhaim says DEVS are looking into fixing this now that Tech Lead is back from vacation. :smiley: