(solved) Where are my penguins?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I didn’t get my GW reward last week, it never appeared in my mail box. Created a ticket right away. Waited for 4 days, before getting a question from stuff like “are you sure it happened, 'cause it wasn’t supposed to happen” (I’m not going to quote the original message because of the rules), but this is how I read it. I answered within a hour, and now I’m waiting another 3 days for a response.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
encounter in-game bug(it wont take much time), write a ticket, wait for a response(now this can take a lot of time)

I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years and let’s face it, it was always full of bugs, poor desing decisions and unballanced troops. But it all was compensated by the best support ever. Every problem I or my guildmates encounterd were solved in matter of 1-2 days or even less. What’s goin on right now? Guild Wars? It’s the 5th week of GW for Gard’s sake!

I know it’s no big deal, couple of hundred of gems and some troops I’m not going to use in the near future, but still it feels kinda unfair…

p.s. sorry for bad english and temper, just need to let off steam a little, some guildmates are leaving the game because of GW, and I’d prefer to stay a little longer…


i found one of them! :grin:


Please let me explain why you haven’t heard from me.

As I explained in my original response to your ticket, there was an issue which caused us to put a delay on guild wars rewards going out for some players. Due to this we needed to double check that you hadn’t been a player that got his rewards later on.

Now we didn’t see your response until monday (as support doesn’t work over weekends) so we decided to after the weekly reset that way if this happened again we could send both lots of rewards out and notify the team if there was a more serious issue.

You should get a response from me later today.

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I can agree that, for me and I think many players, the level of support and level of dev engagement and reactions to feedback were great reasons to be more forgiving when errors or balance issues were driving us crazy.


One penguin confirmed! it’s mine! Just need to find the others :grin:[quote=“Nimhain, post:3, topic:24544”]
Please let me explain

Thank you for your reply and explanation. Got a response as promised. The rest of penguins found their way home.

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Glad to hear it all sorted. Sorry it took us a while.


Penguins with guns… Not scary at all after all how you gonna pull the trigger wit a flipper?

Oh they learn… they learn … :unamused:

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I see…

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