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Solar Power

I remember not too far back there was an event that boosted spell damage and allowed you to use Tesla. Was very fast/trivial indeed, but there were no complaints there…


You got it, Captain Obvious… nobody complains when it fast. If I want a challenge, I’ll fight in GW. World events right now are just a dumb resource grind, and grind is kind of necessary in FTP games, but making it dumb AND slow AND hard is not fun.


Because that was intelligent.

False ‘difficulty’ isn’t good design. Then, it’s compounded with infernal skull reduction troops (again). Why bother giving us medals, if they are negated?

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This is a complete fantasy, but if I win mega millions tomorrow night, I’ll buy 505 and there will be some people in Aus, who don’t have to worry about QA or working on the weekends.


Medals will always be either or? Never a ’resurrect’ medal or an ‘extra turn’ medal? (or anything else you could come up with)

I would think the ‘Striker’ category could… well… strike!

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OMG, you have that fantasy too? I thought I was the only one who has dreamed of buying Gems of War and just making it… well, good.


Because if a player doesn’t buy/acquire those medals, then they are going to have to play the event at a penalty.

From one perspective, it’s an incentive to purchase medals to make the event “easier”. That much has not changed regarding medal acquisition.

From another perspective, one could theorize that while the math says that technically the event is fully clearable with a Tier 1 purchase, the base difficulty of the event could be tuned to a significantly higher tier purchase. For example, in this event, it could be reasonable to assume that the starting difficulty of the encounters is tuned at a base level to start with the assumption that the player already has one full medal (Tier 4 purchase to counter the skull resistant troops). As such, this higher starter difficulty could be viewed as a type of punishment for players who “fail” to purchase event medals. In that sense, this perspective could be viewed as a monetization tactic. If one medal is required to get back to “neutral” starting difficulty, then an argument could then be made about two or even three event medals eventually being required for a given World Event week in the future.


Ever play a game, where you get this awesome weapon at the end of the level that crushes everything? Then you move to the next level and it sucks cuz health was boosted to compensate? That’s this event.

Feels like a rip off cuz it is a rip off.

I get ‘why’ they do it. I just don’t get why they do it. Know what I mean?

This is a mobile game …

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…and for those of us who have a badge or two for the event, but choose not to use it because of the disconnect between Troops and Bonus (or for whatever reason), we get the following message before every single battle…:

…thus further ‘rewarding’ our choice not to spend gems.
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I’m failing to see how not equipping badges or medals is beneficial to you. In the early levels this might not be a factor but given your using a doomed axe, I would think you would want the extra boost, even if it’s a small boost. This would almost always outweigh the other medals. Of course if you have data to prove otherwise I would love to see it and be corrected.

This ^. The player who chooses not to use the medals is going to be at an disadvantage the higher the difficulty goes. If that’s their choice, so be it, but at that point why even play the event?

Everyone can argue these medals don’t do as much as they should because there aren’t a lot of skull creating troops (Axe and Kobold are two of the few rare ones). I would agree with this and let’s hope something is done to help mitigate the frustration in future events. But to Lyrian’s point, this is mostly if not all by design. These events do technically have a tier 1 requirement to complete which seems easy. If an entire guild is active you will obtain badges/medals naturally with rewards throughout the week making it easier as you go. But most will find a tier 3-4 purchase makes this events more doable. Endgamers should have little to no issues regardless and it only affects how fast they complete the event.

I think many guilds are used to completing events quickly if everyone buys the required tiers and a few buy extra. The problem with these events is it’s not scaling which requires players to use almost all their sigils throughout the week. Meaning you won’t be done with the event until the weekend because of the free sigils required. I’m not a fan of this, as I’m sure no one here is. I really hope an upcoming update starts to address the scaling/difficulty of world events, or at least addresses the medal issues. I suspect this is may just be wishful thinking. Sadly, I would say in it’s current form, everything is working as intended.


This is just flat out wrong. With proper medals, lower levels and free gamers were to at least able play all their free sigils, when waiting a few days and collecting rewards from guild comrades playing ahead. Players below level 1000 usually don’t have good teams matching the event restrictions, but proper medals allowed them to contribute a bit even with lesser troops.

In this event I guess I’ll still play all the tokens up to shop T3 without major problems due doomskull weapon. It will annoy the hell out of me, because it will be slow, cumbersome and a bit luck based, but I will do my part. Players below 1000 will most likely just quit playing out of failure and frustration at half of their token pool.

Another crap event. A skull event with skull troops removed. Too time consuming for the very small rewards. I am going to now tell my guild they can completely ignore events and I bought a couple tiers and likely won’t play all my sigils. Takes too long so not worth the time. Will save my gems going forward. If high level folks are having issues I hate to see what low level folks are dealing with.


The problems with the events are:

  • Same thing every week.
  • Medals are supposed to make it tolerable but its trending away from this
  • Troop mixtures are painful if not intolerable

Let’s not forget that this week is Garbage + a 10% buff.
Because that’s exactly what those Level 100, 500, 600+ AI troops needed… Extra stats against the level 20 Human players.

My God devs at least wait until your new IP is released before you blatantly sabotage this one. This is exactly why y’all get so much shit for not playing your game. Because events like this happen as a result of ignorance and “hey let’s try this”.

Because we’re all just this to you…

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I think this needs repeating. The troop roles were useful for helping the AI and starting players build teams. But they feel terrible and restrictive when we are tasked to build a good team without mana generators. The big advantage a human has over the AI is that we can use converters and board control troops more effectively. Tying one hand behind our back with this kind of troop restriction is frustrating.


I am thankful for this week event. Very cheap, tier 1 over 30 players will finish the event.

This is very good for the player doing all the event for the guild while some are doing nothing. This is team work week so I am ok with it.

You can always burn multiple sigils in one fight to overcome more difficult battle. I know end gamers forgot about this feature… but for lower level accounts, that probably THE real option to use their sigils efficently… it’s better to spend 2 or 3 sigils at once and win a battle, than use 1 sigil 3 times and fail all 3…


@Jonathan that’s good, you should post it in the Memes of War thread:

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