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Solar Power

The problems with the events are:

  • Same thing every week.
  • Medals are supposed to make it tolerable but its trending away from this
  • Troop mixtures are painful if not intolerable

Let’s not forget that this week is Garbage + a 10% buff.
Because that’s exactly what those Level 100, 500, 600+ AI troops needed… Extra stats against the level 20 Human players.

My God devs at least wait until your new IP is released before you blatantly sabotage this one. This is exactly why y’all get so much shit for not playing your game. Because events like this happen as a result of ignorance and “hey let’s try this”.

Because we’re all just this to you…

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I think this needs repeating. The troop roles were useful for helping the AI and starting players build teams. But they feel terrible and restrictive when we are tasked to build a good team without mana generators. The big advantage a human has over the AI is that we can use converters and board control troops more effectively. Tying one hand behind our back with this kind of troop restriction is frustrating.


I am thankful for this week event. Very cheap, tier 1 over 30 players will finish the event.

This is very good for the player doing all the event for the guild while some are doing nothing. This is team work week so I am ok with it.

You can always burn multiple sigils in one fight to overcome more difficult battle. I know end gamers forgot about this feature… but for lower level accounts, that probably THE real option to use their sigils efficently… it’s better to spend 2 or 3 sigils at once and win a battle, than use 1 sigil 3 times and fail all 3…


@Jonathan that’s good, you should post it in the Memes of War thread:

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