So You Think You Can Gem

I read a lot in these forums about the leaderboard rankings and what it has to say about who the top players are. I believe some of the best players, perhaps the absolute best players overall, are lurking beneath the surface, not attracting any attention to themselves other than winning, over and over again. Outperforming their level peers by huge margins, and on occasions such as this, performing amazing feats not even any of the proclaimed top tier could manage.

I would like to nominate for consideration my former guildmate, the esteemed Anaroisin, who currently serves as the guildmaster of my original guild, the Guild of Roisin. Here is her stat sheet after completing her run to Tier 1 during this week’s event:

Not only did she perform a lightning-fast run to Tier 1 in only 27 battles, but she simultaneously repulsed all potential invaders along the way, resulting in a 100% combined win rate, which I believe is unprecedented in the history of the game.

All Hail to the Grand Mistress of Gem, Anaroisin!


That is quite amazing. Give it a couple weeks and my new account will do this too. :wink:

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Nice… but win rate is meaningless really, as (1) you have no control on whether you get invaded or not, and defence teams most often lose, and (2) we don’t think the stats are recording properly either…

Also what level is this player? She (he?) must be getting a lot of pvp points from each win (and not facing too many high tier maw/mercy teams)… oh well, here we go again…


Actually it looks like it might be a case of no one is getting defense losses anymore for some reason. People are reporting having the same 0 losses in this thread:

Do you listen to yourself?

Seriously, a nice congrats thread and all you can think to do is explain that this player is really not worth congratulating?

UGH. I’m going to go play some more gwent.


Gwent is a good game and great for making coin however i must congratulate the person with the 100% win rate.

I agree that recognizing accomplishments is important, and this player did manage to climb quickly. Reaching Tier 1, especially for a lowbie player, is not always easy, and if someone can do so efficiently, even better.

That being said, the OP isn’t doing her any favors by making such superlative statements. For instance:

These words are intended to draw anger and marginalization from those who are either legitimately skilled or sufficiently invested in the game. The OP knew what s/he was doing, and I don’t blame @Jainus for reacting as he did (except that in so doing, he took the bait).


Winning 27 games in a row doesn’t strike me as a hugely noteworthy feat, sorry.

I disagreed with the sentiment and felt the need to express a little realism. Some might call it cynicism, but that’s not how I see it. I reacted from my stance; I appreciate that others will feel differently.

This is a forum. People won’t always agree, but let’s not make it personal.

@lyya bait? not sure I agree :smiley:

I mean, call it what you will, but the OP must know that extreme statements like the ones quoted above will provoke extreme reactions. He’s done it in other threads, so it’s sort of his modus operandi. Engage at your peril.

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Tbh I saw it as amusingly grandiose and flamboyant writing, didn’t have a problem with the style; just disagree that it’s a great achievement to do what I’ve done every day for the last eighteen months…

Why am i unable to make such a feat of 27 wins and also manage to get to tier one?

Maybe you need more vitamins in your diet… :laughing:

If anyone else has achieved the 100% win rate feat, I would gladly correct myself. However, I think screenshot evidence (or confirmation from a dev) should be required, not just a lot of hearsay.

Anaroisin is currently at level 143. She has been playing for almost a year, and has done just enough PvP to reach the top rank/tier every week. Her name should be spelled with accents on the “o” and the second “I”, but I don’t think the alternate character sets are supported in-game. The suffix is of Irish origin.

EDIT: Pronounced AH-nah-ROW-sheen.

Or alternatively, we can all just smile, nod, and move on. Congratulations to you and your friend for your amazing accomplishment.

Although impressive, hardly a “first”.

People have been going perfect in PvP ranking for a very long time. I myself usually go 22-0 when ranking up.


People do not need to be objectively the best to deserve a compliment.

Enthusiastically complimenting a teammate is normal, good & kind behavior, not “bait” to draw objectively better players into making insulting comments.

When a bunch of amateur basketball players win a pick-up game, they congratulate one another. They don’t say, “Well, we’re not pros so let’s keep our praise modest.”

And you know what? If a pro basketball player did show up at that pick-up game & said, “Whatever, I’m better,” … would you think very highly of that person? I don’t think so.

The closer you are to actually being the best at anything the more important it is that you learn a little bit of tact and magnanimity.


One shouldn’t need to be told they’re great.

The complete lack of being Invaded is clue enough :wink:

I’d argue that Tacet is definitely among the “legitimately skilled” faction of the GoW playerbase and also among the most invested players, and yet he still managed to post first in this thread and congratulate without trying to diminish anything.

Let people high five each other and cheer for each other regardless of their relative “success” in the game, i find it very refreshing and very fitting for a forum that is exceptionally civil and friendly compared to those of many other games.

Also honestly there are enough people that praise the glory of the current leader board champs in other threads all over this forum, let the little people get some of the sunlight as well :wink:
Also no offense intended to anyone involved in this little exchange, i have nothing but respect for everyone that is!


I don’t disagree. People certainly do not need to be objectively the best to deserve a compliment. Like I said, the player in question achieved a great personal goal, and arguably worthy of a “grats” thread (depending on whom you ask).

My issue is with the intentionally-antagonistic phrasing employed by the OP. Of course he’s going to get reactions, because that’s what he was going for. To further your analogy, if we were at a pickup game and someone made a free throw, and then someone else leaped on them saying, “You’re the best there’s ever been in the history of the game, and that’s an indisputable fact! Everyone else is a poseur and you’re the real thing!” – it stands to reason that there might be some people who disagree. The praise is lost in the implicit belittlement of others.

Call it cynicism if you will. I argue that humility and a more reasonable showcase of talent and skill invites honest congratulations.


Wow, someone brags about a friend doing well, and this is what happens.

Just allow him to brag about his brotato (who clearly did something worthy of a bit of bragging, and it’s not like the person who accomplished it is doing the bragging, so nothing wrong here), congrats his friend, maybe share a relate-able story without being derogatory, MAYBE drop the OP a like, and go about your day.

Anything else is not required, nor is it encouraged, and makes you look bad.