So what's the story behind your gamer handle?

I know some people are very protective of their references hehehehe :laughing:

So if you want an alternate question: what are your Arcade/Pinball 3-letter initials and why?


Mine is The ins and it’s just the short version of a nickname I got when I was 13, Dawnatheina, which was given to me cuz I was am small (I’m not short just skinny so idk what they were thinking).


Mine is pretty obvious. I live in Japan and play games. The 29 is my name, Nick, using numbers. In Japanese, 2 is “ni” and 9 is “ku”.


It’s also the word for “meat.” :slight_smile:

Mine is one of my characters from a Short story I published back in the 80s in a Science Fiction/Fantasy national magazine. She’s an 8 foot winged black panther assassin princess vampire. Wrote it long before I knew what Furries were. I’ve had a few well know Furry artists create drawings of her (Heather Bruton did a fantastic job of a painting that is in our living room)

It sorta stuck with me. However most can’t pronounce her name (Thai-ee-c-a)

I have to add on now Kat - because I keep finding someone(s) have already registered with the same same so I add something that represent me big time being a cat fanatic. If I could have 100 acres I would run a refugee for kitties… Saving them all from the pound. (aka the crazy cat woman)

Pinball/arcade TAI


Mine is from Everquest, where I was known as Rasper the Helpdesk and ran on of the leading strat sites available for 5 years or so.


Most don’t pronounce mine right either…


Mine is a shortened version of my full nickname… VanillaGorilla which is pretty descriptive of me cuz im a very large hairy white guy lol

Arcade name VAN


Mine is a fantasy character name I’d used for RPGs for years, derived from Janus (the two-faced Roman God), and picked originally for an NPC that repeatedly misled and double-crossed the PCs (the name was supposed to be a tacit warning to my player friends who all studied classics, but they didn’t get the joke until long afterwards).

It became Jainus at some point when the spelling ‘Janus’ was already taken (I forget which game server), and then I decided I liked that spelling better.

It also (at least one or two times each time I use it) triggers some hilarious wag to wonder if my first name is Hugh, and think they are first to do so.

@KrudlerTheHorse you started this, what’s yours? are you actually a horse?


My first D&D character (1982-ish?) was a Paladin named Sirian Iceheart.

I named the white team of knights from my first commercially-successful game (Warlords,1989) the SIRIANS, and my first game company I created (that made the game, Warlords) was called ICEHEART SOFTWARE.
While dealing with players on Compuserve in the 90’s I started using the handle Sirian, but later changed it to SIRRIAN (with an extra ‘r’) in MMO’s when I found that the one-‘r’ version was usually already taken.


Mine reasonably simple. It was a nickname given to me when I was around 12, because I was the only Australian in the group (Oz), and I had a very short haircut at the time (Ball for how my head looked I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ) I moved countries soon afterwards (to Australia) so I kind of took the name with me and made it part of me.


My nick name came from a silly sentence in a game called Risen 2.

A tribal men talks to hero with tribal language : Ono palaver Gucho. (something like : nothing of silly words white men)

I use it for some laughs and also many others words like Ulele. (lucky to not chose that one)

Later a friend tell me about steam extra things, like cards, gems , etc.
So I made a profile in steam just to see that, I don´t think it was going to be the actual one.

I made it with ono palaver as name profile
When I join this game they also caught that nick name to it.

Since then I meet a lot of people here.

Now people called me Ono.

(but I like it :slight_smile:)


I’m angry and I’m short.


A mix between “Zenith” and “Solaris” (sun cult in League of Legend) gave Zelarith


One of my cats was named Max. I got him when he was 6 weeks old and I was 10 unfortunately he died last year when he was 14.


My real life nickname is Boba. Don is inspired by godfather.


My gamer handle is actually my I.D. shorten, the Z in it is a backwards S. It’s known as my online I.D. (more than just a handle). I’ve been using it for over a decade now. (Although it might not seem so, this is information is actually too much information). :eyes:


Mine is the phonetic pronounciation of my real life initials SLE :grinning:


I just mashed the first two letters of my first name, three letters of my middle name and last two letters of my last name together… worked out all right I think.
But this username was created specifically for GoW because my usual gamertag isn’t very fantasy-like.


This is why my ingame name is different to my forum username, I use Ozball as a forum name/ID everywhere, but character names I have a few that I cycle between that actually sound like plausible names.