So....the next one is Constructs Killer?

just find it in event chests,:sweat_smile:


That seems like a weird addition since constructs aren’t really strong atm. Maybe that means there is a buff for them intended in the near future. At least Adana finally gets its 8th.

Also, isn’t construct bond + construct slayer kind of contradictory? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t see that on my troop list in game (via the ‘show all’ button which displays Imp of Love greyed out and so on)…

That’s one heck of a wrench she’s holding!

constructs, i know how to build em and break em :slight_smile:

If this information is reliable then then that means we can get the troop early but then we can not use it. That sounds odd but then again this shown troop has no kingdom, level or race. We can guess she is going to be human or construct. Given that so much of her is revealed it is safe to say that she might be next weeks or the weeks after card.

I just checked the event chests, and Ghiralli isn’t in them… not sure how that happened!
The fact that Carnex is showing in the background though, means that you must have temporarily had the event chest from next week (it’s in Adana)

No! My beautiful constructs! :sob: I wonder what her spell does. Reverse something. Reverse engineer? Maybe she steals armor?

It must be an unfinished card, seeing as the type and kingdom banner are both missing.

Also, if that curly white on her head is her hair, what is the visor attached to…?

That would mean two weeks in a row with a troop event (not a weapon) - exciting! Is that really true?



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Yea, I remember reading it from one of the other threads. Not sure which one tho, but it’s confirmed that we will have several Troop events in a row for the next few weeks.

Thanks - yes I recall that, but wasn’t sure the switch would happen this soon!

I know there are a ton of reasons why Adana needs a blue/yellow but we “just” had that Arcane traitstone… Or rather there are loads of others we haven’t seen events with yet.

I think Adana needing another troop - and another color - desperately … probably overrules my personal pickiness. Just a thought.

Ghiralee x Luther.

I :ship: it.

I am excited for a new blue/yellow troop. I only got a few Zephyros last event, even though I am desperate for arcane blade stones. I have already decided on fully traiting Sunweaver first. Unfortunately, I will have to choose between Celestasia and The Silent One, as I couldn’t possibly trait both and Sunweaver. Not to mention Zephyros and Ghiralee… it looks like I will be needing arcane blades forever.