So how is everyone experiencing the console cascades?

I use Shadowplay, which is part of with Nvidia GeForce Experience for Nvidia graphics cards.

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Thank you…

I cannot get a 4 match to save my life. Dark troll with 14 purples on the board, 18 spawns and no extra turn.

I guess we are back to the era of spawners sucking and being a liability.


They will adjust it

I’d also like to say that, again, I never advocated having gem spawners in this state either. I said we should start by turning off the spawn streak breaker, go full random and see where that leads us with gem spawners. Having some weird enforced arbitrary turn limit before gems start artfully dodging positions where they’d get match 4s is still terrible, especially when it seems it is at one turn at the moment. Yeah, it sucks to be at the receiving end of an actual good streak that is actually random, but there are far more egregious forms of RNG mechanics in the game that eating a few casts of a spawner in a row. It is really easy to see the stranglehold that the positional code has on whether or not a match 4 will be created by when it was inverted, it wasn’t just a higher incidence of extra turns, it was pretty much every time. If you can keep enough of your colors on the board, the spawners should feel slightly risky, but as of now they are back to auto-fail status.

Please, turn off the gem spawner streak positional code completely. That would be a start.


Let me just say that I hate the idea of the game manipulating the concept of “random” behind the scenes. Random should be random. A risk should be a risk, and should succeed and fail on its own luck. If the troops are not balanced properly given the average expected results, then fine – change the spells so they’re more in line with the length of the streak you want to see. It feels wrong and dirty to have some “invisible hand” manipulating the very meaning of “luck” itself.


That’s what I’ve been arguing for all along. Converting half the board should feel much more rewarding than this ‘fix’ has made it.

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made one question if the ai resurrection 100% rate vs human 5% rate is purposely manipulated or “it just in our head”.


This is all just recall bias, and I don’t get why folks are so upset. I mean come on you asked for a fix and you got one sheesh. At this rate mobile will get unity in 2030…right after guild wars bugs are fixed.

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I don’t have strong feelings about the cascade changes and the buff/nerf of the chance of consecutive gem looing. And I really credit and appreciate @Mithran for the work he put into this obvious (to me) bug,

But I do have a problem with how the changes are implemented, and the devs timing of implementation of patches/changes. After the introduction of GW, changes should be made on the off days and not during GW. Such changes in the middle of GW will probably make GW results unintentinally even more random than they usually are. It’s OK for me to adjust my pvp/explore teams, but harder to do on the fly adjustments to GW-teams when I don’t really have enough information to even understand how the new changes will affect the teams I intend to play.

Today, many people who are asleep will have much less effective defensive teams at reset, and if you just log in to do your GW-battles you will discover the change the hard way Well, maybe not since the change also has a big effect on the orc defense teams. But if you go to war with a looping team, you will probably get an unpleasant surprise.

It doesn’t help much that devs don’t bother to post a real “official post” abut the patch, but hides inside a “random” thread like this one. I just watched @Tacets video where he struggled to find documentation of the devs post.


Believe it or not, I’ve been advocating the same. If its going to be random, let it be random. They shouldn’t have been influencing the spawns in the first place, because thats how we got the bugged auto linking spawns, and thats also probably why they are so trash now and in the previous versions. But we might need another weeks worth of evidence to prove it…


Well first off, i understand why people felt the need to investigate this so deeply, looping all day long apparently is only allowed with basic transformers, so the world is in order again now, we can all go back to abusing Hellcat/Alchemist and the likes to our hearts content.
I could care less about Trolls getting destroyed, yes they were promised as the new ressource thing for Giant teams, and since Giants don’t have any transformers, i welcomed Trolls being useful for a change, guess they aren’t anymore, whatever.
I don’t care for Lady Anariel and the likes either, she looped terribly before 3.0.5 as did all 8- gem spawners, so they seem to be back to their regular self, yeah i am also looking at you Sir ‘never extraturn’ Gwayne.

But you people have gotten ‘God Emperor Jarl Firemantle the Savior’ hit with the bat, and that i can’t forgive!
A troop that inherently needed multiple consecutive casts just to be competetive before(and many argue he wasn’t even with it) is now a mere shadow of his former self, and by that i mean his pre 3.0.5. self, 'cause don’t get this wrong, Jarl did get consecutive extraturns on slightly favorable boards(12+ r/y) all the f*&%ing time long before 3.0.5. ever hit the game and now he seems to be unable to do so.

So i wish you all a bad nightsleep, a bitter tasting coffee in the morning, and time to reflect on what you have done!


I like how this ‘fix’ was implemented the day before Red day, when the looping trolls would have been king.


@Arturo that’s a good valid point, but they should still make people aware of the changes in advance so we have time to adjust. My point is anyway more general than specific about this topic. I don’t have any big issues with the actual change they did (though I agree with those who argue that random should be actual randomness and not tampered randomness)

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I kinda agree… it renders some defense totally useless now…
Not that that is a bad thing in itself, but it is bad that you can lose gw because of it.

Random gems generators now are completely useless: i just manage to gift the AI endless extra turns in ranked PVP.
Between the constant flow of bugs in the game, the GW and this “fixes” GoW is nuch more irritating and very close to 0 fun.


seriously, this is almost the last drop for me. I was already angry with the miracolous sky drops the AI always gets, now all my fav teams (kraken, Mab, maw) are totally useless because they are practically bound to not make a match 4 and give even more free turns to the AI.
This leaves me with no solid and fast team for PVP and cripples most of my GW startegies.
If this fix was meant to make players quit the game is a great move.


Also may i ask why i still have on PC during GW super buffed enemies, but this “problem” that made so many troops interesting and fun to play got “fixed” right away?


Seconded. Why all the bugs that are in AI’s favour takes years to be fixed, while all those in player’s favour are instantly fixed? I am really sick of this game, if this ugly mess isn’t fixed tomorrow tops, i will just play the GW for not hinderingb my guild and quit the game from monday.

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Well… I can’t say I couldn’t see this coming.

It’s just that I really hoped my research would help developers decide against it.
… Can’t really blame them. It felt like me against half of the community anyway.

In a sense - some people got their wish granted. Except none would have even imagined what they asked for.

I hope there’s going to be much more threads about the current “fix” so they decide to revert it. Putting half of my teams on hold is not a pleasant thought.