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Snow-body Loves Me

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/snow-body-loves-me/
Bring on the Snow!

New Troop: Snow Guardian

'Twas the night of Midwinter, and all through the north
Not a creature was stirring, 'cept the Fey who crept forth;
They danced in the moonlight, with no care or guilt,
In hopes a Snow Guardian soon would be built;

The Yetis made snowballs as big as a barn,
While Winter Wolves brought him some sticks for an arm.
A dapper Elf brought a top hat that he chose.
While a Jackalope’s carrot made a fine pointy nose.

And then, with a twinkle, appeared in the snow
Queen Mab all ablaze with a luminous glow.
She tied a long scarf round the Guardian’s head
which she stole from some Timelord (or so it was said)

Mab leaped in the air, and let out a yell,
It curdled the blood; 'twas an ancient fey spell.
And behold! She had brought the Guardian to life!

New Troop: Frostling

Frostlings really like poetry… you’d never think it to look at them. I mean they’re shrimp-like and kind of ugly - a little self-conscious too, which is why they hide in snow caves most of the year.
We think the poem up above is what brought him out… so grab him while you can!

Troop Balance

Base spell damage increased from 5 to 8
Now gains Magic at Levels: 8, 11, and 14

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Woo! More Frozen troops to play with! parties

Nice to see the boost to Borealis as well

That awkward moment when Justice gets even more powerful with synergy.

Really cool that you are adding other guardians though other than just the 6 guild ones.

Also, thanks for buffing Borealis. He has been needing that for a while now.

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Damn that title :smiley:


@Sirrian Any chance we can get a heads up what the new weekly events ingame will be in thes news posts as well?


Yes, @Sirrian, that would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

What the 2 bonuses are, what the team task is, and what the 6 event gem drops are and their requirement to obtain. It will also help keep track of it for the history of GoW for tracking current events in the future.

I dont get it. He’s still from that frozen kingdom, he’s only named “… guardian” which is odd.

Anyways, if the Frostling hits a webbed and frozen enemy with skulls, will it deal dmg x2 or dmg x4? =P

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It is a construct though. Seemingly, all guardians will be constructs.

I believe it’s 4x. Frost Wolf has something similar with Hunter’s Mark and double damage vs Frozen Enemies.

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True… on the other hand, it’s a snowman… of course it’s a construct :wink:


I’m curious how 2x 2x 2x behaves in this game. The new troop may be able to do 8x damage with hunter’s mark.

Sounds like a testing job once the update goes live. I’ll look into it.

Heh did you commission Bill Watterson to do the Snow Guardian art? That looks like something Calvin would construct :wink:

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Plus all the guild guardians have one word names representing some abstract virtue, and they start as commons but scale differently, plus they have a unique legendary trait. I think it’s just a coincidence that this guy has “guardian” in his name, like Sacred Guardian or Forest Guardian.


Yeah thanks… I knew something was off. I just couldnt find it. But everything you say is true.

You stole the Doctor’s scarf!!!

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Hmm wonder how the Snow Guardian will perform as the lead troop in the Mab Justice setup?

That was a nicely done bit of poetry, Sirrian. I didn’t have to break the meter until the very last couplet. If the whole game developer thing doesn’t work out for you, maybe you can shift your studio into childrens’ literature?


@Sirrian any new troop are planned for console version?

It just published on the forums - sorry about that - it had published on the blog, twitter & facebook, but we forgot to tick the “auto-publish to forum” button!

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