Sneek Peek Weapon Upgrades

Top prime news then. It can’t come fast enough. :grin: :+1:

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This appears to be the last straw for me. The game absolutely did not need yet another currency to have to sink time and money into. This has p2w written all over it.


If you look closely at the screenshot, the horizontal slider is not all the way to the right. Obviously, those enchantments are not Legendary in scope at all.

Teaser screenshot is intentionally deceiving…


The Hero is getting “love”? Love means caring and affection! That means it’s going to NOT be a P2W Gem sink? Holy crap i’m actually going to get crazy excited if this is true.

Yeah I know. Sirrian already talked about a +10 weapon. But we can see bonus from 3 to 7 (3 seems to be +1 magic). So maybe the last 3 abilities will be game changers. But I don’t believe so…

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In the previous dev Q&A stream, the issue regarding the Hero(ine) being a throwaway unit after the first couple of hundred levels was discussed. Vaguely speaking, because I do not want to steal Salty and the devs’ thunder on this one, players will want to be using the Hero(ine) a lot more moving forward… because reasons. See tomorrow’s stream.

I will point to Turintutor’s statement from above.

Consider the Hero(ine) upgrades to be along the same premise. Can’t go into any more details than that, sorry. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Gem manipulation where there was none before could be interesting, it just depends on when and how this single purple gem spawns. If I choose where when I cast, then we have a semi loop-friendly weapon from a static one. Random spawn on-cast… eh… sidegrade at best, game loser at worst to the point where I might not even bother with it without unlocking the more potent upgrades all at once.

I’m still fully expecting these upgrades to be spreadsheeted, meaning that the available upgrades will probably be based on weapon color(s) and rarity. I’d be pleasantly surprised if each weapon had their own upgrade tree that fed into the weapon’s identity and could turn “bad” weapons into “good” ones, though.

What is still missing is a way to acquire weapons, specifically old event weapons, which might then be “good” when upgrade. I’m hoping Soulforge gets expanded to accommodate this.

As an aside, I hope they had the foresight to design these bonuses to not be enabled in arena from the start. Having even smaller static bonuses shown would probably tear the last shred of the illusion that this is supposed to be a fight with power scaling on a semi-equal level. But also, I would hate to have bonuses so weak that they wouldn’t be broken in the arena.


I wonder if you need to buy each tier to reach tier 10 or you can buy tier 10 directly

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There actually is a logical scheme with the upgrade tier numbers in the enchantment system.

Depends on the weapon in question.
The devs do want to encourage players to use weapons other than the commonly used ones, like Black Manacle, so… :zipper_mouth_face:


A single gem spawn literally as the same chance of being helpful to the enemy as to you. Stupid “upgrade”

That will make Asiris more powerful, it might be the purple gem needed for that super extra turn and then be able to create not 1 but 2 skulls, BOOM!!!

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Come on devs, you know better than this. If you want people to spend gems you gotta put that magic and armor on the last levels. Just a heads up, there’s still time to change.

Judging by the scroll bar, that’s just the middle upgrades of the weapon. I doubt they want Black Manacles upgraded that much compared to lesser used weapons, there’s probably some decently powerful add-ons for other weapons.

Anyone else gunna upgrade Mang and Dawnbringer and that’s about all?


Black menacles was one of the most used ones before Dawnbringer existed, so…
Anyways if the bonuses per upgrade are of normalized “size” across all weapons, it won’t actually change much if anything in the relative power of the weapons themselves. A Dawnbringer with stuff like +1 Magic, spawn a gem of whatever colour etc. will still be vastly more powerful than a Spark Rocket with +1 Magic spawning a gem and the other stuff, so what’s the point of it all, really?

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Finding it hard to get excited about those so far.

Thinking all what @mithran and @gouki said.

I’m begging you guys, please… NO MORE GEM SINKS