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Sneaky Sneak Peek of the next Update

Did you guys see this teaser I posted on our Twitter?

There will be something that can happen in your explore battles that will enable you to earn higher rewards! Also, there is a repeat button. We have often been asked about it and we are excited to be able to bring it to you soon. :slight_smile:



Yes :blush: whats with the extra 20,000 gold??? a new feature to help grind gold income?


An extra 20,000 gold per explore battle. CONFIRMED.

Thanks @Saltypatra! There is a lot of good I can do with the extra 20,000,000 gold I’ll earn every week.

Edit: Just saw the repeat button. Really looking forward to that little feature!


Maybe when you Explore, you may sometimes “find treasure”? Though that may step on treasure maps’ metaphorical toes.

And as far as the Repeat button goes, I’ll just back this up here, aaaaaand…



Hoping that we can use gold for more stuff! Crafting with gold would be super awesome - I want gold accessories like a grill for Queen Aurora.


is that one of cedric’s sparkle sacks? heh

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@Saltypatra I “love” how you can not tell if ‘continue’ or ‘repeat’ is selected. Perhaps if they were completely invisible it would be more fun. Just friendly UI feedback prior to release…




Hrmmmm… pretty sure that this picture is missing some critical context here.

It looks like the star rarity has been removed from the cards, but the rarity color remains.

The 20k gold is a Legendary-tier reward, which means it isn’t likely to be an “every run” reward. The bag of gold, as a separate reward, means that something triggered it to appear.

So… some kind of task/challenge-type reward for playing on the new, harder difficulty for Explore?

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Man I wish I had that repeat button like a year ago, when I still played explore regularly. I’m glad we are finally getting it, though.

Or a way to dump treasure maps, so you can use them with an explore to just gain a little bit extra random reward on top of what you would normally. This is an idea that has been brought up several times in the past, and it would be nice to see this implemented.

For PC/Mobile’s tap/mouse interface there is no button “selected” in an interface such as this. We don’t have a selection indicator for buttons unless we use a controller specifically, because we can just click or tap to activate any button currently on the screen. With the controller activated, it is still pretty subtle, but clearly the controller is not activated here (or the capture was on a frame where the pulse for the selection overlay was completely transparent, which, granted, probably shouldn’t happen either, since this is only the case for some of the menus).


Not selected/not currently using controller interface:

I’d be willing to bet, though, that using the controller interface would have the prompt start on “continue” rather than “repeat”. On the one hand, it would be counterintuitive to have any sort of menu selector not start out on the top/leftmost option. On the other hand, most people are going to press “Repeat”, or at least “Repeat” will be pressed a lot more than “Continue” (at least intentionally, because there is little reason to ever just do a single explore and then do other stuff in the game immediately), so it would stand to reason to have that either be the leftmost option or default position for the cursor. Either way, muscle memory will probably compensate for it over time, so not a huge deal, as at worst you have lost a few seconds by clicking the wrong option.


I feel this is likely accurate, actually. :open_mouth:

Also repeaaaaat button! My wrist weeps in happiness! This will help so much with my carpal tunnel! Exciiiiitement!:blush::smiley:

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Trophies are still missing… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly, though… I am also a bit worried. Remember what happened the last time we were able to gather more gold thanks to 4x speed being introduced? Yup, guild task nerf because of more gold incoming in the economy. Now we get the repeat button and another way to make gold, however reliable it may be… so I cannot help but also be a biiiiiit wary of another task nerf or whatever.


Repeat Button! :scream:


Thanks for the Repeat Button… Long awaited. :slight_smile:

There are two amounts of gold in the picture so maybe that’s just a new icon for large amounts of gold that may, or may not, come among some other minor rewards. Maybe a bounty from some troops?

And if we happen to get more stuff to spend gold on, this boost in rewards would be handy in many stages of the game.

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That’s a good point - we do know, after all, that we will get more troops a week obtainable by some new event. If we need gold for that, we likely don’t have to fear a nerf. I hope it will be that way.

Raid boss reward?

The Gold is supposedly a daily task reward from Consoles (saw it on GOWs Facebook comments )

What we really need is a skip of rank points and put them on a card like the others rewards.


Completely agree! Please make this happen :pray: