SMB Brothers Recruiting - Rank 420 - Active Low Req Guild - 2 Slots

Guild Rank: 420
Trophies: 78,964
Daily Gold Bonus: 220%
Level: 126
Red: 56
Blue: 59
Green: 54
Yellow: 54
Purple: 52
Brown: 55

Reqs are:
100k Gold or 500 Seals

Not hitting one of those gets you demoted to a lower rank. If you are lowest Rank that is when you get booted. Updated every Sunday Afternoon/Night

So you can actually have a life and do things and not worry about coming back to being kicked but still be in a guild that sometimes completely finishes a task and gets to 9+ on all tasks every week.

Let me know if you want an invite.

The 5-7 Long standing guild members are chill and we just like to have a good time and play GOW. Id prefer everyone who joins keeps their gold until they max all towns and than throw everything in the guild like the main stays.

I’ve been a member of this guild for almost a year, and it’s a really good crew. We like to chat in the guild chat, give some helpful advice and enjoy the game. Come on in an join us!

Plus there is likely Bacon involved.

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Mmmmm, baaaaacon…