Skull damage inconsistent

First a note: This is NOT the visual bug from damaged troops not updating their stats on the combat screen. I’ve verified this a number of times.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Verified on Mobile/Android

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Skull damage from exploded/destroyed skulls interacts inconsistently with status effects and traits. In particular:

  • a troop with Hunter’s Mark takes 2x damage from exploded skulls in addition to matched skulls. However a troop with Ice Armor still takes full damage, not 65%-reduced skull damage from exploded skulls.

  • Reflect will reflect damage to the troop that caused the destroy/explosion action when skulls cause damage, but the Revenge talent does not inflict hunter’s mark on the same troop “when I take skull damage” as you would expect.

  • Herald of Chaos has the talent Death Touch which states: “inflict Death Mark when doing skull damage.” If HoC is in the first slot, and uses his ability which destroys a row (Destroy gems description states that “gems are removed from the board with full effect, AS IF THEY WERE MATCHED”), he does NOT inflict death mark on the enemy troop. Yet if that troop had hunter’s mark, they would take double-damage… go figure!

Another related issue is that The Great Maw’s talent Hunger says: “Gain 2 to all Skills on Skull gem matches” which only triggers if they are in the first slot and actually matching the skulls themselves. Wrath’s talent Cataclysm makes sense due to the addition of “when I deal skull damage” in the text, acting the same way. However Zuul’s Manifestation talent says: “gain 5 to all Skill Points when matching Skulls” and triggers no matter where Zuul is in the lineup. Would be nice if Great Maw’s text were updated like Wrath’s to eliminate confusion.


Hopefully I don’t miss anything, please tell me if I do!

Traits work differently to status effects which is why Hunter’s Mark and Reflect work differently to Ice Armor and Revenge. This is currently working as intended.

The other issues are issues with clarity in the descriptions.

I’ve passed all this on to the designers to review, but confirmed with them that none of these are bugs, although we all completely understand why you raised these as issues.

I’m going to move this thread to the feedback section so it doesn’t get lost, but to be honest you worded this so concisely I actually copy pasted the whole thing to the designers, I still don’t want this to get buried in the bug report section though, it’s better off in feedback :slight_smile:


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