Skip button on Daily Tasks

Can you add a skip button to daily tasks.
The reroll button is nice, but sometimes you need to skip a task.
The skip button would only do one simple thing, mark the task as completed. Without giving a reward of course. You don’t get a new task that day, but you get a new one after the daily reset.

The reson for this is that some tasks are currently impossible to complete.
For example if you get the task to level up a troop, but you have leveled up all troops already.
Then you say, just reroll. But what if you have several tasks that are impossible, and some that you really just don’t want to do…

The problem with the tasks that isnt marked as finished is that they roll over the next daily reset!
Super Extreme example: If you have 4 tasks that are impossible to complete, you reroll one, get another impossible task. Now you cant complete any of the tasks. You wait for the next day, still 4 impossible tasks, you reroll one, yay, you got one that you can complete! Next day you have 3 impossible tasks and one new…the new one is also impossible :frowning_face: :scream:

The soultion would/could be:
Reroll all tasks each day, screwing the ppl that only did 90% of the task.
Or add a skip button to tasks. So that we can get new ones every day.

It wouldn’t make any difference. Not sure why you don’t ‘get’ that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why would it not make a difference?
You would get a new task the next day instead of having to look at your impossible to complete task…

What kind of tasks that can’t be done are you seeing?

There’s a good post explaining the daily tasks here.
The first task on the list, which is usually the one that’s not doable for me (level up a troop when all my troops are max level for example), resets every day as is.

The other three tasks should usually be doable, they’re the win x games with x team ones or win x battles, earn x trophies. I’ve always found those doable, but that’s coming from someone with all troops, so it might be different when you have gaps in your collection.

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For me all have been doable so far…that is not the case for all players.

I dont see why a skip button would be a bad idea. The tasks are supposed to be Daily…not weekly if you dont like them or cant complete them.
I can see that some of the task can be beneficial to not reset daily, so reseting all tasks daily would be bad for low activity players. But i cant see the harm in actively choosing to skip tasks that are either hard/impossible/boring/etc. By skiping you wont gain anything…you would choose to lose a freebie. And that is not something alot of ppl do out of no reason…