Sirrian's talk to maybe know more about GoW business strategy

Just found that on IP2’s twitter:

So Sirrian will talk about:
• Making GaaS (Games as a Service) the foundation of your studio model to create longevity, manage cash flow and keep hold of your staff
• Building a F2P (Free to Play) model that strikes the balance between monetisation and creating happy return gamers
• How F2P and how this business model is evolving in 2018

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Our fearless leader does a fair amount of talks! We are always proud to see him working hard to educate, help and mentor other game developers and studios. As such, he has his fingers in a lot of pies.

As such, in this talk he will speak generally about games, and mention some of the many titles he has worked on during his long career. The talk isn’t specifically aimed at Gems of War.

Yeah but that one was announced on IP2’s twitter. So I catch it :wink: .


I guess that some of his talk will be related to GoW as it’s a GaaS/F2P game compared to other games that he has done. I will be very surprised if he talked about Warlords :stuck_out_tongue: .