Sirrian's Design Thoughts (Last 4.7 Epic Task Update)

Hi Sirrian,

Thank you for looking into the Epic Tasks yet again. I’ve been heavily skeptical of this being a 2 Steps overboard, 1 Step back to pretend to appease players while still nerfing players to the ground, but the attempts to communicate are nice.

I still think you completely missed the mark on Tokens in the Epic Red Tasks.

5 Token of Gaard
4 Token of Yasmine
2 Token of Cedric
2 Token of Aranaea

In the current state of the game, Token of Cedric is the most commonly received token in the game by a large margin. Medal of Cedric can also be used to replace Gaard and Yasmine at a 100% rate for the means of upgrading troops (1 Cedric > 3 Yasmine or 3 Gaard).

Token of Cedric is really really common.

So essentially 11 of the 13 provided Tokens have absolutely no value/minimal value to the player. Aranaea is a step in the right direction, but it by no means something to jump for joy over, especially after having to pay all of that gold to reach Epic Task level 11 and Epic Task level 12.

Please consider just giving us Anu and Nysha. 2 of each would only result in 1 medal every 5 weeks IF the tasks are completed, BUT Gems of War releases at LEAST 1 Legendary (faction) if not 2 Legendaries (GW week) in that 5 week span (6-12 Medal cost) and 1 Mythic every 4 (first Friday of every month, 6 Medal cost).

If you play your game, its unpleasant to actually farm for Anu and Nysha, not even “fun”.

Its still pennies to you to give tokens of Anu and Nysha, so please consider at least giving us starving dogs a small bone.

These aren’t even BADGES. These are TOKENS.



Thats my thoughts on the matter as well with deeds since there wont be any new kingdoms or clesses even id rather have diamonds than half these traitstones since the players who can afford these tasks probably have all their troops upgraded in the first place. the gold these tasks cost take away from the gold needed to upgrade the kingdoms with the deeds you gain from the tasks as well so an abundance of deeds and no gold to use them

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If end game players already have these cards and they are low value to them. Then why is this the "“TOO MUCH value tied up in the LTs chance of Legendary/Mythic” that is being re-balanced? This is what boosted mid lvl players into end game players.


Has anyone else noticed that its always the gold taking a hit on these new updates? Hoards kingdom levels tasks. Cant we break down some of these finite resources and start getting the one resource that is constantly needed and get even minimal amounts of gold back for them like by reducing the glory youve also reduced an income for gold by buying traitstone packs in the shop. Heck id trade 100 mythic ingots for 10 gold if it meant i have a use for my 1500 spare mythic ingots and 1300 spare legendary

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I don’t want more skill bonuses. I want LESS skill bonuses. Nobody is playtesting how all these extra skill bumps are affecting play balance of affected troops, especially those which scale to magic, and even more especially those which gem spam scaled to magic. It essentially ruins the game for those of us who have troop teams to play the meta, but who aren’t in top-tier guilds to get all of the weekly skill bonuses completed. If you could fix the horrendously broken PvP and GW matchmaking so that I don’t have to go head-to-head with max skill bonus teams I can’t possibly match, that would be one thing… but some of us have been asking for that ever since the first guild statues appeared, to no avail…


all in all, devs just want to take the LT out because they can give Mythic troops. Devs just doesnt want us players get mythic troops through LT, and hence they did say it has too much value tied to it.

I still say it is a card collecting game and they dont want to give the cards too easily and want to make it more difficult by taking a means to get them.

a simpler compensation of Epic task is basically like this : if they take approximately 20% chance of getting mythics, they should also give something with equal potential of getting 20% mythics, like idk 400 gem keys or 380 ish guild keys. The fact that devs doesnt do this is proving my point.


@Potemkinz no this is just their means of nerfing LTs while fulfilling their quota of “new content” demanded on them by the publisher

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Sirrian, your humor and wit is on point this week. :laughing:

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Minus 1 mythic and 20 legendary troops per month on average - why do you keep telling us this is irrelevant? This just confirms that the main aim of the tasks revamp is to reduce the chance of pulling the best troops for the people who don’t have them.
Since I expect an answer on the line of “you just lost a slim 20% chance of pulling a mythic” - could you also revamp the gem keys to give us a measly slim 10% chance of pulling a mythic?

From my perspective, mid-tier players don’t need pet food that much cause they don’t have enough high-level pets yet; they don’t need ingots cause they don’t have all the weapons; and they don’t need shards cause most likely they are missing the best troops/weapons to make delving easy. Arcanes and tokens you offered are not a rare resource and can be easily obtained anyways.

Again, this is not an improvement for people who don’t have 90% of the troops.
Make the ETs optional so that the guilds where people whose card collection is almost done can get resources they need, and stop reducing the chance of ever finalizing that collection for the rest of players.


I believe it is still the case that you can accumulate >1 mythic troop in resources every month. Some of that will be in the form of keys (say, 800 gem keys equivalent, or 0.8 mythics), and some will be in the form of shards/diamonds to spend at the Soul Forge (say, 0.4 mythics worth of diamonds). Obviously that’s not the same as getting a mythic directly from a legendary task, but it is still possible to catch up in this game, even for free-to-play players. (Spending $5 a week on Sunday dungeon packs is a great way to accelerate the catch-up process, though.)

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You needed 2 months to gather diamonds for a mythic before. If you’re a new(er) player, you’ll need much more now since you will also spend diamonds on crafting weapons, and some cost 800 diamonds.

Regardless of that, we are talking about pulling troops from LTs only, and that part of LTs has not been replaced with anything in ETs, it just got removed.

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Overall, I really like the new structure. Your thoughts are particularly good to hear, as they do match the kind of analysis that we sometimes fear might be missing.

In particular, I stand corrected on the desire to target specific tasks and avoid others, given that the Key values now match the odds of getting troops from LTs – I trust that’s been calculated correctly. :slight_smile:

I think the Tokens are still unbalanced slightly, as others have mentioned. I think one guaranteed Token of Anu and one of Nysha would have been reasonable. Dropping the Tokens of Cedric completely would also have made sense.

Ironically, I feel Tokens of Aranaea may be the most valuable for upgrading troops (much as Epic Ingots were, for a time), essentially because they can be used to upgrade either the vast array of Epic troops OR to partially upgrade Legendary troops.

Here’s the thing with Tokens: the drop rarities don’t align well with our need for them, purely from a volume point of view.

Thanks again, for taking another pass at Epic Tasks. Much improved.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Awr on this, if the devs really say they want to give player a choice regarding how to spend their gold in order to get resources, they should give us a choice between old LTs and new ETs. Not everyone need more pet food (only those who go deep into delves), ingot (only those who not go deep into delves), chaos shards (only if you dont know about delves)
A choice between LTs and ETs would be a perfect balance, unless the only reason the devs introduced ETs was to get people from getting a chance of Mythic/Legendary troop for their guild


Cheers for the explanations, here is my thought regarding red tasks.

Still no Anu & Nysha in red tasks, I suppose you aim these red tasks toward players who couldn’t do explore past difficulty 3 but if so then difficulty 10-12 are long distance to the future (reward Anu & Nysha). Meanings these new players will get abundance of low tier tokens and pretty much no chance of most useful ones (starting mana and + magic). Assume the tasks designed to smooth out resource acquisition for new players? will this count as resource gating since they won’t be able to get Anu & Nysha anytime soon ?

There are things that can be done to make even low-rarity tokens useful for all players

There has been no response from a developer on either of these suggestions, but perhaps if enough people like them or comment on them, we can earn a forums badge push the devs to implement one of them in a future update.


yep, i think that’s the real intention, take something of high end grade, replace them with bunch of other stuffs of low to moderate qualities… (a nerf?)

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I honestly think they’ve forgotten that it takes 9 tokens to make 1 medal.


Updated this and the other 2 posts I made with the new info.


So 1 Epic Task costs twice 1 Common Task. We spent 15660000 gold per week (no LTs), and now we need to spend 47160000 gold to complete all tasks. Not every casual guild can afford that.


Red ETs system is a joke. Only crap tokens … and Cedric ? seriously ???
I’m always farming and this doomed RNG never giving usefull tokens. Please do something.