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Silver Necropolis Nonsense Again

Let us start from where we are up to in the levels. I am not going to start from level 20 when I am level 200. Do you take us for idiots. We are not. Offer a gem starting penalty. Seriously; the current offering actually benefits starting from the beginning not players who have striven to contest and spent your frickin gems but not completed the faction in a limited time frame. Let us continue logically from where we are. Whats the problem; we will spend your godforsaken gems; probably buy more. All you are doing is leaving a considerable player base in limbo. Limbo is nowhere. Nowhere is find something else to do. Give us the incentive to spend gems. You love gem spenders. Let us spend. Open the pathway.


I would not mind starting again at 20i if they gave you more than a day to do it. A day is bad enough if it’s 3 room dash. 5 rooms is crazy…maybe they should make it a 3 day weekly thing so people that work have time to maybe do it. If you miss doing it on the weekend event then it’s really a thing for people that don’t work for a living. Skipping floors for a gem fee might be something they should entertain.

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I’ll just point this out again. We really need this please!

Need a way to play higher delve levels for weekly event

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