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Silver Lining

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/silver-lining/

New Epic Troop: Skrymir the Lofty

Skrymir the Lofty is one of Stormheim’s Cloud Giants, but not a typical one… He’s a lover not a fighter.

Possessed of a magical Golden Harp, Skrymir can charm his allies into protecting him, which allows him more time for composing love ballads to woo the lady giants.

Skrymir the Lofty will be available for 400 Glory, and also in Event Chests this week. After the usual 3-4 weeks, he will be available in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests.

New Legendary Troop: Hyndla Frostcrown

As Queen of the Frost Giants, Hyndla Frostcrown often find herself in conflict with the more powerful Fire Giant clans, and especially Jarl Firemantle.

The many storms in the mountains at night are often attributed to Hyndla, Jarl, and Jotnar fighting it out amongst the peaks. If a cold-snap follows the storm, the common folk believe Hyndla won the day.

Hyndla Frostcrown will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week. After the usual 3-4 weeks, she will be available in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP Chests.

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Am I seriously first?? First first first!

Love Hyndla.


I saw you typing. But the damn character limit kept me from beating you! Lol


Wow, very cool new legend.


I let you win Salty :stuck_out_tongue:


Im waiting for the Snu snu :smiley:


Heres to hoping i can get it fast from event keys lol

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With the Hero able to be a Giant and make all giant start with 50% mana, I think we will see some very very nasty decks, on par with Goblins and Dwarves.


Finally giants will be viable,i often used them,because i liked them,but now it will be a lot more fun.

Goblins will be dead in GW… If not this week. Then next GW.

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Oh right, we can make it work. :grin:


Anyone got any plans for a Hyndla team??

Skrymir in the same team as Titan hero with a Serve and Protect… you can play switcharoo

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Why not titan with dawnbringer?

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Forest Troll (is a giant)
Hero/Titan Class.

Forest Troll and Nyx feed each other, Hyndla triggers her last trait and get any extra mana to smash the enemies in Ketras’s style. The hero can use basically any weapon, but a Red/Blue or Red/Green one might be good to have a color not blocked by the others and also get any extra mana from F.Troll or Nyx when Hyndla is full.

blue green, as if she was tailor-made for FT Nyx combo.

Not sure about Skrymir. Never liked the idea of shuffling your own team around. I guess he would be useful in certain scenarios. Definitely not on defense lol.


Lofty indeed. Either he got quite a significant buff from the last data pull, or thats going to be a little bit off the expected value he starts with.

Also reminder that Borealis is still a troop that exists and costs more mana for a spell that does some of the things Hyndla’s spell does at a lower magnitude out of the gate, with the only trade off that he has a skull trait on a troop ill-suited to head up the team.


My favorite kingdom finally gets some love, cool troops and flavor (after it had to hand in half its identity to Glacial Peaks)!


I like the concept of Hyndla, but I also worry its going to be the next King Silenus.

Excited to playtest it