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Sidescrolling animation = Literally throwing up (Health hazard talk)

Okay, so what the heck. I just almost physically, literally had to throw up from this health hazard.

I am horrified at this point that from what I’ve seen not even that “fix” (which is not really a fix) next week won’t even remove the auto-sidescrolling (Link is here). At least from what I’ve seen it wasn’t mentioned. Given that I just did three dungeon battles and five GW battles and then spent all seals to open guild chests and event chests one last time (10x multiple chest openings) I can absolutely say that I almost threw up. And I don’t mean that only methaphorically because of all the ugly stuff now but literally because the auto-sidescrolling made me feel absolutely nauseous. And they’re not even going to remove all of the stuff that makes people ill. Like, really ill, not just the eyecancer-green-button ill but actually causes physical discomfort and pain. After seeing the post in the suggestion section of what will be (not) fixed next week, I am almost looking forward to tomorrow being the last day I have to do this (for my guild) because I just want to give up at this point.

So many people gave so much feedback and nothing mattered. They won’t border the text. They’ll keep the UI black - in fact, they just make it more black by darkening the part behind the numbers. That’s a great “fix”. Keep half the health issues in and fix the other half by doing more of what people are complaining about (the black color).

At this point I feel tired. I actually cried about this in real life but seeing the post about what’s gonna be updated and actually feeling how this game currently is - and seemingly will stay - harmful to my physical health, I am by now also pretty angry and upset and that means that hopefully feeling happy about being able to move on will come soon. Saying goodbye to my guild will hurt because people there are awesome - and if anything, the fact how people here in the forum react shows that the whole community is, too - but I will not endanger myself or support anyone who publishes a game with health hazards.

In my opinion, the second so many complains about nausea, eye strain, dizziness and whatever else was reported by a TON of people here, there should have been an immediate rollback to the old UI until the problems were absolutely fixed. Instead, not only are people playing with a health hazard game right now, but the “fix” won’t even fix all of those problems.

And sorry, that’s irresponsible.

Sure, many here are adults, but this game is surely also played by children, given that those are the ones growing up with smartphones.
I feel like the limit of what’s acceptable has been reached. It’s one thing to ruin your game, but I just had gastric juice in my mouth. From watching sidescrolling animations less than 20 times. This is crazy and I am done with this. At least put a warning up that there are (currently and seemingly for good?) several things in the game can cause issues with your wellbeing, dangit! Of course every person is responsible for themselves, but any child or teenager who has played this game for a long time will not expect any danger and children are usually not that responsible to put down a videogame after five minutes.

Okay, ranttime is over. Sorry, just had to get this out of my system because maybe somewhere someone will actually care and make this game fun and secure to play again one day. But that day will very obviously not come anytime soon, given how even the whole community in this official forum can’t make the devs reconsider… and I actually, too, think that that the devs don’t have much of a choice and it wasn’t really their decision, given how it was apparently Google, Apple, Sony and Microsoft which needed to be pleased.


Are you playing on console? You may want to write to Sony or MS to complain that a game they approved caused you, a person with physical disabilities, pain and discomfort. Copy forwarded to Steam.


I’m playing through Steam on computer. And yeah, I suspect that I am a bit more likely to get nauseous by the sidescrolling movement because my field of vision is limited… or maybe I’m just sensitive to that in general. The problem with the transparent background so many others here have is something that actually doesn’t really bother me that much; I do notice the difference but feel no negative health effects from that. The sidescrolling is, however, absolutely horrible for me. Well, or more the fact that it’s automatic. I would likely have similiar problems if the list would scroll downwards - it’s the movement and the fact that the movement is sudden and at different speeds depending on how many chests you open.

Where would I send this to on Steam? Would it even matter to anyone on Steam (especially since Steam is, according to the devs, only a very minor part of their playerbase)?

At any rate, thank you for your reply. I would really like to tell the correct people about this - not because I expect anything to change (I gave up that hope) but simply because I feel like I should; in my guild there are also whole families playing, so people of all ages, and I feel like the problems are just not getting addressed like they should be by the people in charge.

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Problems are not getting adressed, in general.

I don’t think Steam has the same approach to games that Sony, MS or Apple have - they actually approve not only the game but the single patches.

I read here that in a chat surfaced how some responsable of those approvals think that the new interface is more appealing to new users.

I wonder what they think of new bugs.


Hmm… I agree that new users, who aren’t used to how things were and who don’t compare, might at least not be bothered at all by the new interface.

I personally started playing this game because it had been colorful, just screamed “fantasy-world” and I loved all the details like the different borders and the fancy fonts and such. But of course other people - especially those on mobile, which is apparently the biggest user-group - might not want ‘fancy’ but more ‘clear and easy to see on small screens’. I don’t know. It’s not a game for me anymore and I’m quitting after tomorrow anyway, so I don’t really care about bugs anymore, but I care about health issues… or more the fact that they aren’t getting addressed and that people I care about play this game.

I looked around on the steam website but didn’t really see a place to address things like that… and I feel that even if I do and if people ask questions, the devs would just say “we already have a patch in the queue” anyway and no one would care anymore to find out that the patch doesn’t address all of the health problems.

If you look the feedback on Playstore you might be surprised. By the random answers from 505 Games, if nothing else. But new Ui isn’t exactly popular.


I had just shown it in a German forum where I had talked to people about how I’m currently upset because I quit my favourite game thanks to a UI update and they wanted to know what kind of game. So I took some screenshots from the old UI from google, took the same ones from my own game with the new one (Worldmap, board and troop menu) and let them compare. So far only one person said something (it’s 1:30 am in Germany, most people sleep by now) and she said she actually likes the new design more, but also that it’s not the type of game she plays anyway. Not sure what she plays, though - if she’s more into sci-fi games that might be the reason.

I haven’t seen any random answers by 505 Games anywhere in the Playstore, it’s all pretty hidden. Ugh. But yeah, playerbase opinion really doesn’t matter, it seems. And I personally doubt many will quit. They might say it now, but seeing how by now Merlantis-Talk has mostly already pushed UI-Talk away, most people have probably adjusted already. Well, not me. I’m a bit torn at this point between just wishing the devs the best with their game that just isn’t for me anymore or wishing that they crash and burn with the new UI so that they put the old one back in and I can come back and play. But yeah, I know this will never happen anyway.

In the Italian Play Store there’s a lot of 505 Games answering to players’ feedback, often wildly out of tune.
The new UI is perhaps ugly. Some like it and OK, there’s no accounting for taste. It’s also only half reading and inconsistent with itself, but even that is not the problem here.
Problem is, it’s badly done. Font scales abominably. Icons and buttons are in random places. There’s no good feedback on clicking. There are addictional useless clicking. Troop stats aren’t easily readable. Transparency makes the board tiresome to look at and the board itself keeps shacking.

Don’t be fooled by Merlantis talk. More than anything, we are talking about new troubles unnecessarily created in recent updates: AI, RNG, bugs bugs bugs, overpowered troops, UI of course.

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Well, yeah, these are all the things I had mentioned in the feedback and suggestion thread as well… not that they matter at all to the devs who like their game gothic, cheap and with health hazards, apparently. I don’t really get why it would be so dang horrible to border the text and turn the radioactive green into a darker hue and the black back down to blue. Like, just that would fix so many issues. It would still look ugly-cheap and blocky instead of all the details it once had, with pretty fonts and borders and everything. But if on top of that they also remove the transparency and auto-scrolling, one could at least play the game without killing their eyes and stomach. The useless clicking… yeah. Why aren’t my bonuses not shown directly anymore? And why do I actually have to hit the stupid green buttons when opening chests instead of just clicking anywhere? Ugh.

The two of us obviously agree on everything. XD; Which is good. I personally haven’t even unlocked Merlantis - why should I, when I’m not gonna do the questline anyway because I don’t play - so I cannot say much about it and its troops. I literally just did GW and dungeon since the UI hit and that was for my guild and I used a hit-all dragon deck because I cannot read the numbers anymore, so I didn’t even check the new troops. And, uh, I also didn’t check them because the new look of the cards makes me wanna cry every time. The troops are the life of the game, so them looking so horrible with these lifeless, boring borders now is basically what’s the absolutely worst for me. I could live with the damn black background, but not with the characters I care(d) about so much being like that.