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Show the scroll of the rooms that guildmates already did

For the moment each guild has to maintain a spreadsheet or whatever document to keep track of the scrolls for each room.
It’s fun but honestly I think it could be done and put in-game, here:
But when a guildmate does the room, it’s not random anymore and shows the good scroll.

I know there could be some issue with synchronicity, but you can add your Reload button like in GW.


Excellent idea as usual. I commented earlier that the coordination element is nice but puts lower-level / less active / etc guilds at an immense disadvantage.

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+1 to this.

Thanks for the suggestion! Do you have an example of exactly where it would be useful on this screen? Do you mean that instead of it saying Random Scroll it would depict the Scroll the Guildmates have already earned (that you are documenting in spreadsheets)?


That’s how I envisioned it :slightly_smiling_face:

+1, also.



In fact, it could be great to know the unexplored rooms that are currently being explore by your guildmates:
So for example, you are floor 23 like me and the room 2 and 3 are being explored by my guildmates so that I know I don’t need to do them. There will a small icon better than my cheap Paint-like stars on these rooms. And if I click on these icons, the names of my guildmates will be displayed :slight_smile:.


I like both suggestions. Someone in my guild has created and is updating our spread sheet a few times a day but it would help if the game just showed us.
It’s no secret once the room has been beat as the majority of guilds will be communicating this information to one another.

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A must for this event. I assume most guilds are running on a spreadsheet of some sort to keep a log of things. If that person isn’t on to maintain it then communication can get lost.

There are multiple ways to share and collaborate spreadsheets between people.

If your guildmates can’t be trusted to not sabotage the guild spreadsheet, you’ve got bigger problems than communicating which scroll is where.

It is a good feature, but it’s kind of sad that the devs assumed, “Guilds are social structures and everyone within them are friends” and we can’t finish the first event before it comes out, “Actually I don’t trust my guildmates to supply me with correct information, we haven’t and don’t want to set up a way to communicate.”