Show off your collection, whatever what you collect

I will be posting pictures from my collection from time to time. I am into a lot of things as Transformers, Jurassic Park, Turtles etc.

Feel free to share photos of your collection, always fun to see what other is collecting.


I love this :sparkles: I collect a few things actually, but Lord of the Rings is at the top of my list! Making up for all the things that were released when I was a kid and couldn’t buy anything, this is a little snap shot of some of the items!


Girl power!


@Jeto Really cool collection you have. It made me curious and I googled if LEGO had some of the sets from Lord of the Rings, and indeed. Here is the top 15 lego sets from a subjective reviewer.

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You missed the point of this thread like an airplane flying over a city. Its not for griping about the game…its about showing off a collection you have

@Helvellyn Can we please have this topic for toys and collectibles only? I marked it as Off Topic for a reason, and I do apologise if I sound a little harsh. I misunderstand things everyday myself, so that is not why I say this.


Why do you feel the need to wreck this thread that was originally wholesome?


So you think you are God or something and can tell whoever you want to how to behave? Let me tell you this, I behave within the community rules guidelines. They take care of me, I don’t need you to babysit me.


Nedry with his cheeky smile. :sweat_smile:


I have removed some posts from this thread as it was getting combative & inappropriate.

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(Otherwise my shared collection of 400 Xbox games that would spam the hek out of this thread to show off.)

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That is such an impressive amount of keys! Well done!

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This is just Steam. I started gaming 30 years ago, so I have a lot of physical media (Nintendo consoles and PC).

And before you say it, yes I wasted a lot of money but not as much as you think :wink: Sales are a wonderful thing (and HumbleBundle type services…)


I’ve also been hunting achievements for awhile, but I got stuck on GoW, Idle Champions and Path of Exile… so those numbers are pretty poor. :frowning:


This is posted in the ‘off topic’ section of the forum. Notice the little white box under the title that says “Off Topic”

Literally what this section is meant for. It’s meant for people of the gems of war community to be able to talk about whatever random thing they want.


I tried to collect LEGO Star Wars minifigures when I was younger, but my dad accidentally broke my Plo Koon and my Shaak Ti has mysteriously teleported into the void.

This is half of my collection, for some reason my picture of the second half is gone from my camera so I’ll need to retake it when I get home. Everything here is only tabletop ready so still needs work but I still have a ton of stuff to put together and paint at all so… On we go! This is my current project;


I just recieved the olive green/brown spots Lego Stygimoloch to company my older version. Love the different color schemes.

Stygimoloch was first seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. When it helped Owen and Claire out of the prison by skulling down the wall and lock. It was also seen in Dominion. (no spoilers since some have not seen the movie yet.) More modern studies says that Stygimoloch is just a younger Pachycephalosaurus. The Pachycephalosaurus appeared only in one JP movie so far and that was JP: The Lost World, when the madmen hunts it down. One is also seen skulled a car from the side so man fell out on the other side, while the geek get filmed explaning the dinosaur, epic scenes.

Lego released two versions in two different Jurassic World sets, the one to the left came out in 2018, the one to the right, 2021.


Nice to see another NotW fan :relaxed: (although admittedly it’s been quite a while since my last re-read)

Jurassic World (2015) crew with guards.