Should Guild Wars be closed down? *VOTE*


At the moment its so many little ugly rats that is destroying the Guild Wars for the majority by using trainers/cheating. Sadly this rat epidemic is spreading in super speed, and many of us does not think that the Devs have proper rat traps to get them with(Being skeptical is allowed). Why I make this vote is because I think quite a few of us is tired to be ran over by rats every week in Guild Wars. I want the Devs to close the Guild Wars, then open it again when they have found proper tools/materials to build good and secure rat traps. I can’t be the only one that wish for this.

  • Yes, please close Guild Wars, then re-open it when you have proper rat traps.
  • No, don’t close it. It’s clean as my daily brushed teeth.
  • Please, get rid of Guild Wars!

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I clicked on the title hoping there was an option for getting rid of GW permanently.


No option for me to declare that I brush my teeth twice a day? :thinking: :rofl:


Added it to the poll, since its very new vote its not problematic. :wink:
@SecretMinerals and @MadOrange feel free to vote again!


I don’t know much about cheaters, but Guild Wars are fun to play, and give free rewards. I have no reasons to want it removed.


I’m in bracket 6. I have no cares in the world when it comes to winning or losing. This is really a 1% problem.


The “no” is really misleading.

I don’t want Guild Wars closed, but it also isn’t clean.

For a good majority of players, they don’t really have to deal with the cheating, so it is fine to keep it up.


Didn’t we just have this conversation a month ago when the colluders were outed? I don’t see any reason to rehash it. Devs are continually working on improving Guild Wars anyway, so none of the responses have any merit.


For most people, that gives the same rewards. 6 through 10 all give 100 gems. I’ll take my slightly more relaxed GW experience over 25 more gems.

I can see this being an issue for those pushing top 25 guilds in GW.

Also, we are getting the 3.2 update tomorrow (what was estimated on stream for PC/mobile) with the defense changes, so we can possibly hold off this discussion until we see the outcomes of that.


When it comes to GW I don’t really care about anything to do with it anymore.


Same here.
I hope it will be fixed.
But for us bottom feeders in weak guilds, it remains a fun activity, with some rewards.
In the meanwhile, keep sending reports and screenshots when you face a cheater.


No disrespect at all! I think we both look at GW differently. You enjoy the competitive nature and trying to move your guild up in the ranks. Any cheating guilds higher than you are preventing you from achieving that fairly.

I am one to play wherever I am in a more relaxed setting and I’ll take whatever rewards I can get.

We both aren’t right or wrong, just different views and that’s okay!


I have no idea if it’s happening or not, I don’t even have an idea what these things are supposed to be.
I guess it’s some form of cheating I’m unaware of, and I don’t say it shouldn’t be punished, what I’m saying is that shutting down Guild Wars because of them is not the answer, especially when it doesn’t benefit anyone.

Say someone is giving one free lolipop to everyone.
Some fishy dude is cheating and taking 2 lolipops.
Would you ask that guy to stop giving free lolipops because someone cheats?


They said in the stream that the new build is coming out this week and will include Defense Bonuses. This seems like a waste of a poll.

I also think the scope of the cheating is grossly misstated. It only affects one platform and is likely a super small number of players. They’ve also already said they’re aware of the cheaters. I think there are definitely problems with GW but I don’t think this is one of them. I think the defense bonuses should fix a lot of them.


People that are using trainers and god knows other cheats is spreading like epidemic rats, hyper speed. How are these new defense bonuses ever gonna stop these rats? I am neither an idiot, if it was a waste of a poll I do never made it in first place.


Says who? What evidence to you have to support this? Again, it’s only available on one platform and they’ve said they’re aware of it. As recent as 7 hours ago Salty said they’ve banned about 20 people.

To be honest, I’m not convinced it’s anything like the problem you’re making it out to be. And it’s certainly not affecting the vast majority of people. This feels like scapegoating to me. You’re blaming something that is a problem on something that isn’t a problem.


In my opinion guild wars isn’t the problem. Yes there is bugs but it’s the troops that are the problem.

I would love to see guild wars be a seasonal event that has a 1-2 week break in between seasons.


If this isn’t the case case on console then I’d hate it if console suffered at the hands of a small minority of pc /mobile players.
Its also my only way to get a few gems every month and I do NOT want to lose that!


I totally agree on this. Its mostly guilds in the top brackets that has to deal with the cheating. Still an interesting vote tho.


My understanding is that it is only available for PC.