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Shortage of Pets

Are there any plans to make Pets more widely available. As an endgame player, virtually all my kingdoms have been stuck behind levelling pets up to level 20 and the volume of pet challenges i am getting are very few and far between. At this rate it will be years before i get enough to progress my kingdoms past this barrier. Some suggestions:

Allow Ascension Orbs to be used on Pets
Allow resources (gems/gold/etc) to exchange for pets or pet rescues
Allow pet rescues to select from a range of pets

Any plans for this?

4.9 will bring individual gem offers, which should also include Pets.

I dont really have a problem with that, atm 66 myth Pets. Bought some with gems.


Any ideas when 4.9 will be live?

Within the next two weeks

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As far as I know, the devs don’t release the scheduled dates for patches. So any time frame is purely a guess. I’m predicting during the next world event week.

Haven’t heard of that yet, do you have a collection of what is going to be in 4.9?

Check out Lyrian’s 4.9 Update Preview Stream Notes in the Gems of Streaming Thread:


Thank you!

That looks interesting but I’m afraid of the VIP slot that’s gonna be greyed out but still visible to animate me to spend money for the VIP rank…

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