Shocktopus in Forge (Yellow Stones)?

Shocktopus is apparently forgeable with Yellow Summoning Stones, according to the game. Does that mean it’s now a released troop and it’s worth trying or is this a display bug?

This was accidental but we will be giving giving a free copy to everyone later this week.


Ah, awesome! But does that mean that it is in the droppool of the summoning stone? So that the people who want to go for mythic right away can try getting copies through the forge?

was just gonna mention this…lol, shocktopus is such an enigma

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If the Summoning Stones displaying it as an option then, it should be available to get from Summoning Stones.


Thanks! :smiley: That’s great to know!

I get mine :wink: thx

When will Shocktopus be normal chests?

I got one

Also got mine ty devs for your mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

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I, for one, feel that Shocktopus should be crafting exclusive like Xanethos.

Definitely not influenced by the fact I’ll be getting enough copies to mythic :smiley:

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I find it kinda sad that this ruins the gift of the devs later this week, actually… would have rather seen Shocktopus in the forge next week. :confused: It’s not like we would have never gotten it or anything…
I’m actually not even gonna try for it; I am still saving the summoning stones for when Gwayne moves his lazy butt into the forge one day.

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Got one too!

I believe Shocktopus should be in chests with the 3.3 Update.


Wow, I come back to like four pings of people just telling me they got him. :sweat_smile: Okay, okay, I believe you that he drops from the forge, you can stop pinging me.:joy:

And Nimhain changed avatars. :smiley: Too much new stuff for me!

I love that you’re all forging him when you’ll be getting him soon. :slight_smile:


Never enough tentacles :stuck_out_tongue:

Save some summoning stones for the new craftable weapons in new patch!

I don’t even have the old weapons yet. :joy: So yeah, saving the stones is the smarter way to go.

So will he ever be available for glory?