Shocktopus in Forge (Yellow Stones)?

I used ten yellow summon stones and got one. I’ll save the rest.

24 Yellow Summoning Stones for 1 Shock, and 3 copies of that Dwarf…

Just testing the Forge drop rate to see if Mythic is possible with my resources. Nope, saving the rest.

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I got one with glory chests. Is that a mistake? Can I use it? Will it disappear? So many questions! :wink:

I heard of somebody else getting Shocktopus from Glory chests @Heather. I’d be willing to bet that the troop will be yours for as long as you want it to be. You did earn those glory keys after all. :slight_smile:

You can`t get a Mythic anymore with that method since months ago :stuck_out_tongue:
It was a ninja nerf.

I was referring to the math of a Mythic Shocktopus. At 24 Stones per copy it was not going to happen with my resources. Yes I know people got a copy of Shock with 5 or 7 SS… But people also pull Mythics with 10 Glory Keys or 1 Event Key so…


We will get only 1 copy we want it mythic of course :slight_smile:

Got em !