Shimmerscale’s wing

What event did this weapon came from?

last months update.

Now I’ve got this flash offer…

and my question is: will this offered weapon be exclusive to get with dolla**$$$**dolla or will it be craftable in the Soulforge during the currently scheduled Blighted Lands week of Jul 25 - Jul 31?

Because “Shadow-Hunter’s Claw” is one of the six new weapons and it was craftable, after we fought for it publicly: [Reported] Shadow-Hunter's Claw missing in Soulforge

What can we expect here? Same question for the weapon the Thread-Starter got offered since the next scheduled Bright Forest week is Jun 27 - Jul 03.

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The game just looks at which weapons your are missing and offers you a random one as Flash Offer. Desdaemona’s Bolt will be up for crafting in the corresponding kingdom week, just like the other new weapons. Considering that it’s still somewhat close to the original weapon release date it may need some extra effort for it to show up.

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Thanks guys @Fourdottwoone @icy

Kinda hard to have a weapon when it’s NEVER been released outside of offers that ask for money.
Very predatory indeed.

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Shimmerscale’s Wing is available is soulforge today.

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