The new troops “Incubus and Dark Monolith” are shirtless! It’s a completely double standard. It’s objectifying. how are young boys doing look up to these troops with these unrealistic muscle masses. They should at least be wearing some sort or armor


I agree in principle with what you’re trying to do; I think you’re barking up the wrong tree though.

This community is (mostly) rational and sensible and you’re going to get little of the desired effect.

And these devs are legitimately awesome people and don’t need to justify their artistic decisions to us.


But using this argument with reversed genders is often almost taken 100% serious

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But the people who’s eye’s you want to open are too far-gone and frankly aren’t likely worth your time anyway.

The world is changing and the professional victims are not winning right now. Show some restraint and they might naturally come to see things as you do.


Have you given any serious thought as to why that might be?

It’s not clear that you even understand the argument you’re attempting to mimic.


Seriously guys, isnt it obvious that Cold_Zombie is being sarcastic about this… or is he?

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Go onto to tumblr to complain, you will get people who actually care there :slight_smile:

I think most people ignore the sexism looks of the characters in the game, as long as the game is good, they play it.


I do understand 100%. It’s a blatant double standards to disregard my opinion just because the genders are reversed

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Am I?.. :expressionless:

It’s not something that should be ignored.

Good luck - starting an anti-sexism war!

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Die you patriarchal body-shaming PIG!!!111one

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Oh, and where’s the “un-follow this thread” button?

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Sadd sadd sadd. :open_mouth:

Can’t believe this is an argument over a game…if you have issues with it don’t play it…it’s just that easy

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I think the game does a good job of balancing between sexualized and non-sexualized characters.

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I am confused. :confused:
I wanted to like the post because of the sarcasm, I read into it. :thumbsup:
I’m all for a good joke, but then it seemed like it got very serious… :confused:
I think I’ll just leave…


This is honestly ridiculous lol
Don’t let your child play if it’s too hardcore. It’s a freaking shirtless character on a game. Have you tried GTA? Have u ever lived in NY? Come on. Grow up.

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Just accept sexism? Wow