Servers online all platforms

No one can log into game but servers online. Make no sense. 2hr or so now


Go to…
It is a worldwide issue

Gems of War servers are fine.
Your internet is fine.
The bridge that connects you and them is down.


Yeah, I’ve been trying all morning. Sucks!

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Anything from our Developer Friends about the issue?

  • What’s going on? If The Know Yet.
  • ETA When it’ll be up?

If it’s not before I finish my post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

O.K. Thank’s then. I KNOW ya’ll are great and as for the rest of us players, let’s stay cool, have some tea, maybe chat, & be ready to play.

And, again to repeat my earliet comment, " If it’s not before I finish my post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: "

Btw, I’m on PS4… Some kind soul…Or even a salt, spicy, sarcastic soul msg me when they’re up.

:v::yellow_heart::chicken:& :hole:

The GoW devs cannot give you an ETA on when Amazon will fix a large section of the internet.


Go ask amazon…

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They do everything from A to Z except for a viable connection apparently :thinking:

(i know it’s an issue that they’re probably trying to fix, it is but a joke)

I’m just now on.

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Can confirm, our servers are fine.